Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walking the Humans

It seems as though Sammy thinks, more and more, that he is in charge of the walks. Seriously, it's as if he is trying to make sure we get our exercise in. My arms have become well toned trying to fight him and teach him that NO, we tall two legged people are the walking directors. How can a little 31 lb, less than a foot tall dog be so hard to control? Apparently quite easily. ...And this is how I know I won't be making any headway (try as I might):


Remind anyone of their corgi excursions?


  1. haha, Gibson has many different moods when he walks. When he's alert and has energy, he'll be nice and walk right by my side (but take off after bunnies/squirrels of course) :) In the mornings and afternoons though he's sleepy from naps and such so he's a butt on walks! He just wants to stop every few feet to sniff or go the other way or go home. He sucks when he's sleepy ;)

  2. hahahaha how cute...when butters is excited about something he pulls me around too -_-

  3. Hahaha love it. Sadie thinks she is in charge. (Most times she is...) She is pretty demanding, when it comes to our walks, or anything really haha. Spoiled!

  4. I have the reverse issue with Winnie... she dosen't pull too much any more but will stop in the middle of a good run just to smell a blade of grass. Sometimes I worry I'm going to hurt her if I don't notice in time!

    The Gentle Leader or a Volhard Collar may help. Neither of them are hurtful to dogs.

    Check it out: http://www.volhard.com/pages/the-volhard-training-collar.php