Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is an update for Sammy and his bone!
Even with all the dogpark trips, walks, and other fun stuff, he has managed to do this to his bone in the last week!

**As a reminder, this is in continuation from the post, "Sammy-Sized"**


  1. oh my what a bone monster :)

  2. hahah bailey and sammy would be great bone chewing buddies. bailey loves em too. the only problem i have is bailey doesnt really want to go to sleep unless his bone is finished (like theres no tomorrow), so i have to take it away from him. :P

  3. karen & butterball--haha. i might hafta call him that now!
    karen and bailey--i know! sammy appears to have a goal of figuring out how to beat it. once he accomplishes that, he just chomps on it in a more relaxed manner. he's a weirdo!
    laurie--doesn't he. it's like he's singing, "ain't no bone big enough, ain't no knot tight enough, keep me from eating it!"