Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Honey Bunches of Corgi

First, Sammy and I would like to say thank you to all the nice comments we recieved regarding Sammy's Day on The Daily Corgi. I must admit, I did not really read them til this morning. Sammy and I took a bit of a sabatical from it all starting that evening. I have a separate email set up for all the blog stuff and I just didn't use it or look at our page. This morning I did, and was very happy to see it all. I had intended upon a longer sabatical, but all the kind words made me reconsider! Again, thank you guys! :)

From Sammy's day on The Daily Corgi, Sammy and I were able to find out about a little corgi get together here in Omaha this past Sunday. Needless to say, we were quite excited about it!! We have met a couple corgis here and there at our dogpark, but it has only been on occasion....luck of the draw with no further connection. We were quite lucky that this corgi mini-meetup was going to be located at our dogpark of choice, and we were all the more excited!
Sammy, being Sammy, made sure to greet each and every dog, corgi or not. I hadn't realized, until this meet-up, how extreme of a social butterfly he is. Most other corgis stayed pretty attached to their pawrents. Sammy did his usual, meet and greet throughout the whole dogpark, look back to his pawrents every 10 minutes or come back and check in. He gets to see us all the time, he doesn't want to waste his time with us when their are other dogs who will wrestle with him. Yet, he doesn't want us to have any other dogs linger too much by us OR us to do anything without him! He is such a stinker pants. It's a one way street in Sammyland.
Sammy loves big dogs. Well, he loves all dogs, but he has something in him that is drawn to the biggest dogs in the park. He MUST make friends. And typically, the biggest dogs have a little curiousity for the little dogs. So again, Sammy wins. It appears as though Sammy might be in a corgi minority there. Once another corgi barked at the biggest dog, Sammy ran right over and stood right in between. If only he could talk, he would probably express "how we are all dogs. Be it big or small, we are all dogs and for that we should just get along!" He is such a little mediator. He always gets in the business of disagreeing (barking) dogs! Sometimes this is not a wonderful quality when dogs are past disagreeing, and nearing the edge of physically disagreeing (fighting). But somehow that little stinkerpants does have a way with getting dogs to agree and play or leave each other alone more times than not. I don't know how he does it!
Sammy also loves the little dogs. The littler the better! Especially with puppys. He will just stand guard as a big brother and protect them! He will walk along the side of them and make sure they are ok, and if other dogs come over that have yet to pass Sammy inpection, he will go over and sniff them. There was a baby corgi there as well, and Sammy took to her very fast. However, there were corgi lovers there, and Sammy was not needed because the baby went from lap to lap alot!!

After the big dogs arrived, we walked over to the small dog area. We had gone to the all dog side first because there was a dauchsand meet up going on at the small dog side, and no one at the all dog side. Seemed perfect at the time. Sammy was quite unhappy at the move first, but probably because he thought he was getting the leash put on him to leave. He quickly livened right back up once he realized we were just switching parks.
Sammy had quite a bit more energy than almost all the corgis. He was less than satisfied to just hang out with us. He did make one good friend, a tri color named Loki. They were able to wrestle and run around quite a bit. And in their running around he quite a glimpse of the dauchsands. I don't know if he thinks they are all puppies or if he remembers herding with his corgi friend we have seen there twice, but off he went. He went right in the middle of the dauchsand meetup. We watched him chase them and greet each and every one (as well as their pawrents) AND even play fetch with one guy. At one point we saw him jump on the lap of the guy throwing the ball for him. Sammy was less than concerned about all the corgi action or us! Haha. Typical.
As for all the new corgis we met, it was one of the first times Sammy looked small!! I often call him a chunky monkey corgi, but I don't think I can anymore! He was shorter, less long and thinner than most. As well as less agile. Two corgis, Charlie and Ladybug were able to jump on top of the benches. These benches are very tall, as in when I sit on them my feet are a good 4-6" off the ground! Sammy standing on his hind legs has only his shoulders and head above it! They were quite sweet when they jumped up, just there for some attention! But never too far away from their mom. Another corgi, Cody, must have decided it was too warm for him and found mud puddles to wash walk through! He would keep trying to sneak away! He even got bathophobic Loki to follow into the water. At one point Sammy went over to see what was going on, and I felt my anxiety coming on as he was nearing the puddle!! It's funny with the other dogs, but I have this weird thing about Sammy being very clean and not smelly!! When he was a puppy and we went for walks I would make sure that he would walk around puddles. Now he does it naturally! Yay!! He gets a bath a week (or this week, 2), gets his ears cleaned at least once a week, and his teeth brushed once a week. Thank goodness Sammy did not feel like going into the mud with the others. I don't know why he chose not to, but I am grateful. He still got a bath that night anyway. (He was totally slobbered!)
After a while with the dauchsands, Sammy was nearing his end of energy. He did what he always does, finds his pawrents. He came over to us and jumped on his hind legs to sit on my lap. He watched the other corgis putzing around from my lap. After 10 minutes, he gained enough energy for one more wind of energy, that lasted just a few short minutes. Then he was back. He looked very jealous of Charlie that could jump all the way up to the bench and didn't need to ask for help! About this time all the corgis were looking a little latharigic, especially Sammy and the baby! We all gathered for a picture to remember the day. Hopefully we will be able to do it again! Sammy had a great time!

****I learned that I am not a good photographer for lots of corgis grouped together all doing their own thing. Hopefully I will get better, but here are a couple that I was able to take!****

"Loki, we's gotsta go this ah-way. Them dauchsands, they fun. You's see!"

Charlie, doesn't he kinda look like Sammy, just more refined!! Haha:

Cody gettin a mud bath!


  1. Awww I love when there are lots of corgis in the same place! Hahaha. I should try to find a corgi meetup here!

  2. How fun! Looks like Sammy had an awesome time! The little tri in the first picture looks a lot like my Chloe did when she was a pup. =)


  3. so happy that you guys found a mini meetup!! :D and oh that mud puddle is such trouble isnt it!!!

  4. Awesome pictures!! We had so much fun - Loki was FILTHY from his mud puddle adventures! I think he and Sammy were trying to herd the Doxies at one point - LOL! It was great to meet you guys!

  5. i love the pictures :) now i want to find a corgi meetup near me!!