Thursday, June 10, 2010

Road Trips: Cats, Bees and Sprinklers!

We made a quick 24 hour trip back to Erik's parents house when we both had the day off, and the day before they left town for a trip themselves. Sammy LOVES going. He especially loves that once we get there, he is free. No leash and collar! He gets to run around the property, chase rabbits (if he sees them), play with his parent's pup, get lots of extra food and treats, investigate trees, flowers, bushes, open grassy areas, AND all on his on terms. Noone holding him back on his leash, he doesn't even have to have anyone outside with him! He loves it! And it was perfect weather, which only added to the fun!
We got there in the evening, and Sammy had about an hour of sunlight to run around. He used every minute of it! After eating dinner, dessert and talking for a bit, we went to bed early. Sammy apparently didn't like that because he got up 5 times during the night! He didn't even get up that much when we first brought him home! He was just way too excited to sleep I guess. So we ended up sleeping in a little, and got up aroun 10:15. Of course he went right for the door to play outside while his boring parents had breakfast. He ran and ran.
I came out and played with him a bit. Mostly, I got to watch the cat chase him. I do believe that he and Sneezy like each other, but it doesn't sound or seem like it. But Sammy always comes back for more, and Sneezy always follows him.
Erik's mom has a pretty good sized garden, and lets us take some yummy stuff from it. Her strawberries were good and ripe, and there were tons of them. So we took buckets over to gather some to bring home. Sammy of course followed. Where Sammy goes, the other two like to follow and see what's going on! Sammy and Sneezy followed us right into the strawberry patch! Apparently this is as good of a place to play as any!

Here comes Sneezy:

And Sammy sees:

"You are not sly enough for me, Sneezy! I can see you!"

Sammy keeping guard of kitty-cats!

After collecting our garden goodies (strawberries, cilantro, rhubarb, spinich) we moved to cleaning everything and hulling the strawberries. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it, but Sneezy and Sammy took this time to stare each other down. Sneezy on top of the glass table, and Sammy looking at him up through the glass table! Haha.
Next, Sammy and I went walking around. Erik's mom has this cool little old barrel bucket that she has with an old water pump looking thing and she has some fish in there. It's pretty cool, and they keeping getting bigger so I like to check them out. It's right in the middle of her giant garden (she has tons, loves flowers) and Sammy loves to sniff all the flowers with all their different scents. However, there were bumble bees!!! Sammy hasn't really seen bumble bees. Just one before at my mom's house. But here there were a few. He started with curiousity, and when it looked like he had too much and the bees were disturbed, I had to pull him away!

Erik & I then decided to relax some. I laid out in the sun, and he read his book. Sammy continued with his business. He went back and forth between us (yep, the whole 7 feet!), chased flys, and tried to figure out how to get up where Sneezy was, unsucessfully. Actually, Sneezy got mad and blocked Sammy from the water bowl.
The whining and whimpering combined with the hissing got rather annoying, so I planned Sammy's next adventure. One that he was less than pleased about.

"Mom, whatcha doing??"

"Hey, what is this??"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!! No, no, NOOOO!!!"

"Dad, Dad!!! Momma is trying to put me in the falling water! Don't let her!!! Save me, save me Dad!!"

"Ugh..not you again. This is MY DAD! NOT YOURS!!!"

To everyone's surprise, I'm sure, Sammy was quite exhausted at the end of our trip. First, he was totally against getting in the car. He knew what that meant. But once in the car, we didn't even make it to the end of the block before he found his comfortable spot and fell asleep! He slept the whole way home. Slept as we unpacked and I dealt with our goodies. Freezer bagging the excess strawberries and peaches, packaging the rest, that sort of thing. After a 20 minutes he went to the bedroom and begged to get on the bed. Didn't even care we weren't there with him. Didn't even try to hold himself up, just fell into sleep postion as I plopped him down. Slept there through the thunderstorms until 10am! Got up, chomped on his bone for about an hour, and went back to sleep, next to his bone!


  1. Aww sounds like when Gibson goes to my parents house. He loves the freedom of their big fenced in yard!! He could stay out there all day if we let him :)

  2. oh i know! i wish we could provide that much space and fun for him! but he always smells yucky when we are done, so i'm happy we are city slickers! haha

  3. butterball loves when he has the chance to run around....we dont have much grass in our backyard so when we take him over my boyfriends parents house he has a blast :)
    i love how sammy reacts towards kitty cats hahaha

  4. Hi! I saw Sammy on The Daily Corgi blog - he is a cutie! I see you are on - there is a meet-up this Sunday at 2:00 at Hefflinger dog park - it would be great if you guys could join us! Anne and Loki the Corgi.