Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monsieur Grumpy Pants

Sammy is very unhappy this morning. Summer is far from a vacation.
First....the weather is awful. For anyone who has been to the midwest (not just heard about it, because it takes experiencing) it is hot and humid during the summer. For instance, it is 72 degrees right now (10:30am) but the humidity is more than 80% making it feel nearly 85 degrees. Furthermore, it is a yo-yo, ....a roller coaster, yo-yo on a roller coaster temperature wise. Yesterday is was supposed to be 86, and when we were in the car, Erik's car told us it was 94 degrees! But in two days, they aren't even expecting it to get into the 80's. However, the humidity is almost always above 60 percent. Sammy seems to just be starting to realize that nice cool, relaxing days outside are not going to come back until September.
Second, if that isn't enough, the temperature roller coaster means is storm time here in tornado alley. We were quite lucky in Apri and May. Few rain showers and storms, and when they came, they were very mild. However now the temperatures are perfect for crazy storms. It is the time of year where it becomes a daily routine. Hot and humid all day long, lots of sun in the midday raising the temperatures. Clouds building up mid to late afternoon. Sun sets around 9 pm right now, so storms around 9:30-10:00pm. Sometimes later. Some all night, some just sparatic, but still, enough that we have excess water the next day to raise the humidity as the sun evaporates the puddles. Sammy is now able to sleep through the storms, so biggie, but he still won't go out for he before bed potty. He hides behind the couch to avoid the rain. Then every morning I have to pick him up and plop him in the grass because wet grass and mud is the devil's handywork. THEN! Once we get into the grass, all his carefully placed scents get washed around and we have to begin, again. But first we have to get the lay of the land, that is the lay of the scents. Poor puppy, every day he carefully potties his area out, but it never lasts through the night. Our morning potty trips are taking longer and longer every morning, as our evening ones get shorter and shorter!
Finally, if all this isn't enough for the poor pupper, his parents have to go and mess up his one routine NOT messed up by mother nature. Last night after watching 2 movies and going to Sonic for ice cream, we decided to play Little Big Planet. I don't know if anyone else has played Little Big Planet, but it is really fun. And, I really don't like video games. I am just not cordinated that way. I played soccer, I ignored hand-eye coordination! So we began playing somewhere around 11pm-midnight. Usually, we go into the bedroom around 10 or 10:30 and Sammy chews his bone for a little while, rearranges the bed and takes his spot and is asleep by 11:00. At least we have Little Big Planet hooked up to the TV in the bedroom. Everytime we would start an adventure, or try to do a tricky thing in the level, Erik would ask me if I was ready. Sammy was freaking out everytime he said "Ready." He would jump up, ears all the way up, anticipation beaming out of his eyes, and every muscle ready to pounce! He never did this when I said it.
After about an hour, Sammy would be worried about it, climb up on top of our laps and cuddle up with us. One time he put his head right between our 2 arms with his front paws on Erik and his body twisted around with his butt on my lap! One level had cats in it, and they meowed. Sammy couldn't figure out where these kitty-cats were! Then another level had dogs barking! Oh, poor dog. He just didn't know what to do!He paced in circles and whined.
Well, we got very into our game, and wound up playing until 5:00 this morning! sammy was very irritated! And then I was all sorts of wired from playing, and couldn't sleep. Sammy is very connected to me, he was unsettled til I was finally able to relax to fall asleep. He was very cuddly all night. If I even breathed too much where my body might move, he had to compensate and curl up even more. At one point he used my head as a pillow! Silly puppy. This made our sleeping time, not very....sleeping!
Lucky for us, my mom called us at 10:00AM! Woke us both up. We got up to do our morning routine. Sammy didn't feel like going to the bathroom right before bed due to rain, so he really had to go. When we came back in, he had to take a flying leap over our mat, because it was still sopping wet from last night's storm! After that, he just sat there all upset. He wouldn't even look at me, he had to make a point. I got him his breakfast and brought it out and set it next to him, and he looked the other way. Then he got up and walked away! He is soooo grumpy this morning! He stays close enough that I know he is right there, but won't look at me. It's the Sammy version of the silent treatment!
I'm gonna hafta pick up some FrostyPaws to make it up to him!

"I'm sooo not hungry!"

"Did you need something?"

"Did you say something about ice cream??"

"You have my attention, but I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!"


  1. awwwwwww. butters bedtime is around 11-11:30 no matter what. but he does give me the evil eye if i weake him up -__- silly puppies

    im sure the icecream will make sammy happy again he'll forgive you haha

  2. Aww poor little guy. They really get upset when their routines change in some way. We had family over yesterday, which meant Sadie couldn't close her eyes even for a second, or she would miss something, so she was exhausted! Even this morning, she went right back into bed after her walk and breakfast haha. Silly little corgis.