Saturday, June 26, 2010


Sammy and I have been a little MIA around the internet, and frankly the world, this past week. I work retail, and every now and again they get the hankerin to change up the store and give it a face lift. This past week was my store's turn. In order to do this without scaring away customers and efficently as possible, this means everything happens while the store is closed. .....duh duuuh, daaaaahhh.....OVERNIGHTS! It was quite an exciting experience, all in all. I started with a four hour shift, 6-10am, last Sunday morning, then started the overnight Project Team that Sunday night. We started at 9 pm and worked til we finished what was allocated to us that night. Every night toggled right around 12 hours. It was a pretty crazy experience. It included moving lots of huge, greatly heavy things, reorganizing stuff that was there, hooking up electronics I've never heard of, and all of it when I'm used to sleeping. We all took our 15 minute breaks together, and our lunch breaks together which meant I was able to watch boy cartoons at awkward hours in the middle of the night, since I was one of two girls. But it was fun. If it wasn't night shifts, and could some how happen during daytime, I would be all over that job! The paycheck will be fantastic, I ended up clocking 67 hours last week.
The downside was not really being able to hang out with Sammy (and Erik). The first night, Sammy seemed all sorts of confused. It didn't get too much better the rest of the week either. I don't think he slept all that fantastically because when I would come home, first we would be all jazzed to see each other, but then we would make it into the bedroom and we would both pass out. The first couple of days were ok, I really couldn't sleep too much during the day. But after the last night, that's all I could do was sleep ALL day long. At that point it seemed like I wasn't ever seeing my Sammy doodle! Today, I had a morning meeting, then the rest of the day I have just been spending with him! He has been very cuddly (especially during my frustrated time watching the USA-Ghana game) and never getting too far away. And if I do, or I'm not paying enough attention, I get lots of whines and whimpers to tell me so!
This week we will hafta do some super fun stuff to make up for all of our time lost! Hope everyone else had a super week! :)


  1. Ugh, I can't imagine working nights. I am such a baby about having a consistent sleep schedule :) I'm sure Sammy appreciates his time w/you so much more now!

  2. yea your such a super-mom! ive worked as late as 2am before, but couldnt imagine a full night shift. i also HAVE to get 8 hours of sleep a night or i cannot function properly. haha!!!

    ill betcha sammy doesnt mind since half of the paycheck goes to his bank account anyways, right? lol!

  3. Oh man, I used to work in retail and remember those nights. Or during inventory, which would take us most of the night. Oyyyy.