Wednesday, June 2, 2010


All corgis act bigger than they are. And really, they should be bigger thought of as bigger, 'cause really they are just short. Actually they really do have dwarfism in their bone structure. One thing is for sure, their personalities and attitude is far from dwarfed! Sammy may be a wee bit special though, and I probably had a hand in it. But Sammy, all 31 of his pounds, is NEVER thought of as a little dog.
His meals are given to him according to the table we got from the vet that is based off his age and weight. But when it comes to bones, those "small dog" (AKA 15-30 lb size) are for road trips or basically, appetizers! Over our nearly 10 months together, Sammy has grown as has his bones.
Yesterday afternoon after Erik's doctor appointment, we stopped at Petco. We brought home the second to largest bone available. We nearly got him the largest size, but the price difference wasn't worth the size difference. Oh well, he doesn't know. In fact, he probably wouldn't care even if he could understand since he was too busy with his new bone!!

"Oooooo....I's loves you Momma! Bone, please"

Doesn't he just look as happy as a clam?
Well, now it's been almost 24 hours. Why do we get these so big? Sammy can illustrate.


  1. oh dear i cant believe he did that so fast! he does look so happy to have a brand new yummy bone :D

  2. hehe in that last pic, he looks like he's saying, "what did you expect me to do, mommy?" :)

  3. Hahaha I LOVE the last picture. So cute.