Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Suuhh-leeeee-puh-innng!!

Sammy had a wonderful Memorial Day. We played with his toys all morning, since it was finally cool enough that exerting energy didn't make you want to pass out! Then he rode in the car with us to grab a couple of things at the grocery store so I could make the side salad for dinner. Then we went to see the infamous kitty cats. We ate dinner outside where he got to run around on a rope, and that included up and down the porch stairs. We then made a quick trip to see my grandparents, Sammy LOVES to go see them, then back to see the kitty cats for a quick dessert before going back home. There was little time for napping, or relaxing so he was unable to recover til we got home. He almost didn't eat his dinner. Sammy went right to the couch and passed out. I picked him up and carried him to bed and he just didn't move as Erik and I continued to do our stuff. Usually he panics if he has to be on the bed all by himself since he can't get down by himself! Nope, he just went right to sleep and didn't move an inch til I made him so I could get comfy.

"Mom, I'm too tired for modeling right now!"

"MOM! I'm trying to sleep!"

"Can't you see how tired I am?!"

"Fine, fine, take all the pictures you want, I'm too tired for this."

Aren't corgis just the cutest when they sleep?


  1. Pictures of corgis sleeping are my favorite! :)

  2. awww how cute i love taking pictures while butter is asleep but if i wake him up he gives me the evil eye -__-