Friday, July 2, 2010

Lesson One: Be Cute

Sammy & I are very sorry we have not been able to chronicle our life lately. But frankly, between my new job, holiday, and the darn weather, we aren't that interesting. Sammy dispises the heat! He just looks pathetic and whines to us all the time. Seriously, if he wasn't so darn cute... Anyway, when we are home together, we are really boring. We just cuddle up and watch some quality TV (we just had a Netflix-ed Weeds marathon!) while he chomps on his bone. He is just so cute, too. He really wants to be cuddly, so he moseys over and throws himself on me, or yesterday came alongside my side and did a quick circle (I think to make sure he would fit) next to my arm and laid down with his head sharing my pillow! It was so cute I teared up! He just wants all the attention that he always gets, but then...after a few minutes he starts panting and he can't handle it anymore. He hasta get up and lay by himself, which only irritates him even more so he lays down, pulls out his cutest face and whines. Or uses his "..bbb..bbuuu...bbbuuuutt I'm cute" bark which is almost as high pitched as birds! He really knows how to pull at my little strings connected to my heart because I feel just awful for the poor baby!
That's pretty much Sammy's life nowadays. An awful war between heat and comfort. He gets comfortable, then hasta move because he gets too warm! I think he wants us to move to Alaska!

Since we have not much to share, I thought I would post one of my favorite Corgi videos I have seen on YouTube. Enjoy! And Happy Fourth of July Weekend!


  1. hahaha that video is so cute....
    while sammy loves lovin and hates that he cant cuddle...
    butterball is being a little jerk lately...added heat means i want nothing to do with you unless your eating :(
    i hate that he's not a cuddler
    your lucky!!!!

  2. haha aww :) Poor Sammy. Gibson does that too where he wants to cuddle, but then has to get up and go to his leather chair to cool off :)

    I LOVE Weeds! What season are you on??

  3. karen....i know i'm super lucky with my little cuddle bug. he is a very lovey dog, and always has been!!
    kelly....maybe one day sammy will need to have a leather chair! haha. we were watching season 4. all the crazy mexico fun before it gets too dramatic with pregnancies and all! we totally love weeds, it was our 3rd time watchin it!

  4. hey bri!!! ahhhhhh i wish bailey would cuddle with me too. maybe it has to do with the owners being named karen.. haha ok im lame hahha!!

    make some frozen yogurt/banana/honey/peanut butter treats for him!