Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dino Dog (& Mom)

Sammy is a very happy dog. Very.
Yesterday he got to go for the dog equivalent of a doggie shopping spree. It has been a long, long time since he has really gotten any new toys. He was also almost out of food, so Sammy got a fun trip to Petco. He was even more excited than usual.
Once he got inside the door, he got the attention of three people right away. Once the cloud of attention faded, the football display appeared as if out of no where! There are fun football toys, ....and jerseys! I wanted to get Sammy a Nebraska jersey last year, but concerned that he might grow out of it, I waited. Yesterday they were on sale since football season is about to begin!
The jersey might be more for me than Sammy, but he got lots of attention while trying it on, so it was a win-win! We got a coupon in the mail for a free toy with the purchase of his food bag, so on to the toy aisle. Sammy gets very excited because I pull down toys that are different or that I think he will like, and set them on the ground and see which he reacts to the most. Crazy, probably, but he always loves the toy he comes home with. They had this cute little sock monkey toy, that he loved right away. Probably the texture. But at the end of the aisle, they had new dinosaur toys!! This brought out the geologist in me. My puppy MUST have a dinosaur!!
Once picking out the triceratops, we rounded the corner to find another kind of dinosaur toys!! Sammy got to choose from the two triceratops, and I was happy he picked my favorite. It's really neat because it has weird bumps with the material that I bet Sammy (or any dog) would find interesting to play with. It is void of stuffing, except in the head. It has a squeaker in the main body. Also, it has something like tissue paper or something that makes crinkly noises in it's main body as well as in the tail. Sammy is facinated by this new noise. He was happy to carry it, until we got to the food aisle!
On our way out, we stopped at the treat buffet. Sammy got a bag including his favorite treats: pretzel, alphabet, chocolate chip cookies, cream filled cookies, fruity and doggie dots. Ok, so I dunno what they taste like, but that is what they look like. Finally, they had a new treat in the treat buffet, and it smelled like what it looked, oatmeal cookies!! He got to try one when he got home, and he loved it! I wonder if it tastes similar to oatmeal cookies without the sugary side. Anyone know how they do this?
We picked up some Chinese food on our way home (we were celebrating, also most of the reason Sammy got a spree!) for carry-out. When we got home, Sammy didn't even care about our food. He just sat next to the table where the Petco bag was and stare at it, wishing it to fall on the ground and release his new toys and treats! When I walked by not noticing, he did his cute little whiney bark telling me I forgot something. So I gave him his toys:


"Yeps...those ones!"

"And I shall call hims, Sack Monkey."

"Dinos-saur!! Dinos-saur!!!!"

Sammy didn't care about our food. I gave him a little edge of my crab rangoon, but he was unconcerned. He's a weirdo. He just carried on playing with his toys.
I was so proud of him, he may have punctured his dinosaur squeaker, but both toys survived the night! No tears, no rips, so insides on the outside! All still easy to play with, although they could use some washing since they are kinda gross from the slobber, but that's ok. This is the first time in a LONG time his toys survived the night. And, they are even still interesting this morning!
Hmmm....maybe he will hafta get the teradactyl next. ....
Then the t-rex? There was a brachiosaurus, too.
I'm so glad my little puppy loves his dinosaur. Wonder if he got it from me?

(Haha...wish he knew it was a dinosaur ..and what a dinosaur was. For now, I will just pretend. Lol.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Guinea Dog

Erik has now started nursing school. Which is very exciting to everyone except Sammy. Sammy already has evil intentions on Erik's backpack and Erik is only on his second day in school (to Sammy, 5 because of 3 days of orientation). Erik has a very long day on Mondays, so at most I will work til noon on Mondays to help this new transition.
Erik is very excited though, as he should be. Last week when we went to dinner following his ceremony, his parents got him a present. A nice stethascope with his name engraved into it. His mom is also a nurse, and got him the same one she has. He was very excited, and was very excited to use it.
Insert our Guinea Dog here.
Sammy got to be the first recipent of care from the stethascope. Sammy, of course, thought it was an awesome game. Erik, of course, thought it was an awesome chance to listen to Sammy's interior. I, of course, thought it was a great photo-op!

"You gotsta catch me first Dad!!"

"Look Ma's, Dad is checking me up!"

"Heart's good."

"Hmm...some activity in the mischevious part of the brain."

"Yup, yup. Just as I suspected. This corgi is hungry. Better get him a treat."

Monday, August 23, 2010

We're Feeling Hot, Hot, HOT!!

Last night after both Erik & I got off work, we had some dinner then went to invade my mom's. Mad Men was on last night ( Mr. Shinnanigan Don!) and we are without cable. But my mom has cable, and Sammy loves to get his energy out chasing those darn kitty cats. In the heat spell we are amidst of, there really isn't much else to do. Last night leaving my mom's at 9:20pm, Erik's car read 91 degrees, STILL!! So any chance Sammy can find something inside with air conditioning is more than welcome. Plus for him, he runs out of energy on the way!!

(I call this his prarie dog! He goes nutso everytime we get there! Everytime I still get surprised how strong he is!)

Think Sammy wants to see the kitty cats??

Sammy had a good time. And we got to watch Mad Men. So all was wonderful. We drove home, came in our door and there was no power! In fact, our entire building was out of power! Not the building across the lot, not the building next to us, not any other building, just ours. Luckily we are on the North side of the building, ground level where we can make the best of it. But it doesn't take much for that awful heat to come through.
Sammy had a hard time getting comfortable in bed. And he was quite the panter! Our power did come back late in the night, or should I say morning time! But Sammy still did not have a wonderful night's rest apparently. He is quite content to be lazy today! We got up around 8:30 had breakfast and played a bit. But then he was quite content to go into the bedroom and watch crappy tv with me (what is there better to do before 10am?). Our bedroom tv (which will be our living room tv when we move) is the only tv that is hooked up to a digital reciever to recieve ANY channels, including now 3 spanish channels (don't get me started!).
We made our way back to the living room about 11:30. We have played some, like 20 minutes before he was done. And now this is how he helps me clean!

In his clubhouse, behind the chair along the interior wall, on his back!
In his younger days he wouldn't let me out of his sight, even while I was cleaning. If I was doing laundry he would show me he wanted up on the bed to watch. If I was cleaning the living room, kitchen, or dining room, he would lay right in the middle of the 3 rooms and watch every move. He is still in the same room with me, I guess, so not completely independant! Still....what a stinker!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Love

The other day, Sammy, Erik & I met our friends and their basset hound, Molly at the dogpark. It was the first time Sammy & Molly were finally able to meet! They have been our friends for quite some time, but with all of our schedules, meeting up has been rather difficult over the last few months. But alas, that has changed! Sammy, in true Sammy fashion, could not contain his excitement!

Luckily the dogpark is less than a 10 minute drive!
When we got there, Molly was already waiting inside. It was her first time at the dogpark, and she was sniffing the exterior, not making it too far into the park. When we got there, Sammy went right for Molly's parents who yelled his name. He totally must have thought he was the coolest dog on campus! He had a posse, followers, admirers awaiting him at the dogpark! Molly wasn't too far away, and then then the heavenly gates were opened and there was a special sunshine shining just on Sammy & Molly, compliments of doggie Cupid. Sammy was so smitten.
Sammy followed her around. He licked her face. When they walked together, they would walk shoulder into shoulder. It was very cute. If she sat down, he would sit right next to her. If we wanted to go play, he would nudge her! Seriously, love at first sight!

Unfortunately, Sammy also took on the less positive side of puppy love. He began getting upset at any dog who showed intrest in Molly. He was just as unhappy with an Austrailian Cattledog as German Shepard as another Basset as Black Lab. He would show his teeth and snarl. He kept getting in trouble for it, so he started to get sneaky. If a dog showed intrest, he would walk over and snarl, as he was going for the water.

And....Sammy allowed me to pet Molly without him getting jelous of my attention! It was amazing how he just stuck with her, he didn't venture off too far. They both stayed in a little bubble around us. It was just as cute as can be.

I think she also shared some affection. Not only did she not appear to get annoyed by him. When he got in trouble for taking another dog's tennis ball, Erik went to pick him up and give it back. Then Erik carried Sammy back to our area away from temptation, Molly stayed right by Erik's leg and looked up at Sammy as they walked back to our area. Then they were again, inseparable!

Needless to say, we will most definately be seeing them again! Maybe take them on a walk, just the two of them, get rid of Mr. Snippy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nappy Nap Day

Sammy & I just woke from taking an hour nap together on the couch. Something I wish we could do more often. He is such a cuddle bug, but with the heat of the summer and our chaotic schedules, long impromptu naps together have not been terribly commonplace.
Sammy & I made time today because we are both somewhat drowsy from last night. Well, probably the whole week. It has been a bit of a crazy week around here, again. Erik had his surgery Tuesday, which led into a few days of stress and taking care of him. Also meant that my day off was not with Sammy, but with the waiting room at the VA. Not fun for him. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Erik had orientation for his new school, making longer and different schedules for Sammy. Also brought out the backpack, something Sammy knows well, and dislikes. Add some storms, and it's the usual culprits for Sammy to get stir crazy being stuck inside. If that wasn't enough, yesterday (Friday), Erik has his white coat, induction ceremony. Afterwards, we went to dinner with his parents, sister and sister's fiancee. More of Sammy seeing us come and go. All of which he is handling quite well. With a yummy chicken flavored beef rawhide bone, handles it with a great big Sammy sized smile!
Once we finally made it home last night, from our long week, Sammy was quite happy to see us, and even happier to see our boxes of leftovers! He went right to cuddle bug mode, happy to be right here with both of us. We went into the bedroom to watch a movie on our good tv and relax. Sammy got to take his bone, so he was content. We all fell asleep while watching the movie.
1:30 am. Sammy woke up and started moving around. Ended up taking him outside to potty, thinking it was the only thing he could be awake for. Came back in, took him a while to get comfy.
3:00 am. Sammy was up moving around again. After a few minutes we decided to put him on the ground. He made it to the door, looked back and saw no one was coming with him. He turned around, came back to the bed, jumped on his back legs and whined up to us. He got back on the bed, and kept walking around.
3:30 am. Grabbed his rawhide, to see if it would help give him something to do. He took the rawhide, hid it under the blanket and came back up to lay on my tummy.
3:50 am. Running out of an ideas, take him back outside to potty. Sammy tried to "potty" twice with nothing coming out. We walked around the building. Once back to the side of our building, he pulled with all his might back to our apartment. Once in the door, went right for the bed, and jumped up on his hind legs. After taking off the leash I put him back on bed and he was still quite unsatisfied. He could not get comfortable. I felt so bad for him. Erik was annoyed, Sammy got scared and put his ears back and ended up laying on my other side on his back with his head on my chest. Licking my arm quite a bit. I ended up rubbing his tummy for as long as I can remember. Finally he was able to get comfy in his normal spot above the pillow.
It was quite the long night. We got up around 8, and did a couple of errands. Sammy was happy to get to ride to the bank and gas station, and totally thrilled it was so nice he got to have his head out the window as much as he wanted! After coming back, we had a little snack and still Sammy had not "pottied." He still hadn't eaten his breakfast. But now he seems to be in a happy mood again. Sammy and I curled up on the couch to watch a movie and ended up taking a nice long nap. I have since waken up, but he just moved to his blanket in front of the window for a continuation of his nap! Crossing our fingers and toes that once he wakes up we will be able to take him potty successfully.
Followed by many more cuddly nappies!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Someone Stuffed My Dad!

Sammy is a little unavailable right now. He is in a sort of distress that comes to very loving dogs! Well here's the story.
Erik has had chronic problems with his sinuses. When he was a teenager, they did a little operation which helped him breath much easier. Since then, young adulthood has come. In case all the dots have not connected from previous blogs, Erik started college like most 18 year old high school graduates do. Like most of us, first major was not what he expected it to be. Living on your own, also very expensive. Long story short, he joined the Navy. He served active duty for 6 years. He came back to Nebraska and was going back to college, GI Bill in hand as well as a better idea of what to major in. Nursing. Here in Omaha we have a top ten nursing school, UNMC. In fact, UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center) is fantastic in a bunch of things, and there are multiple locations in Nebraska, just Omaha is the best one! In order to even apply, it takes 2 years of pre-nursing pre-reqs. For that time, we were both at UNO (University of Nebraska-Omaha). When applying, it is applying for a term in the future, so he has had quite a bit of time off from pre-nursing and will begin his actual nursing school next week. During much of this time, life becomes expensive and neither of us have had the extra cash for health insurance. We were lucky enough to come about some information that Erik would still be covered by the VA (veterns affairs) to a degree determined by income. After time, the sinus problem has come up. Lucky enough, we were able to get him set up for an appointment where they were going to do a small outpatient procedure to try to help clear up the passages for him to breathe easier since it has now become a problem with sleeping.
That procedure was set for today.
Erik's mom came into town, and boy did Sammy think that meant fun times for him. She arrived this morning around 8. She came smelling like their family puppers (Sammy's all time favorite doggie friend) and Sneezy, the cat. His whole butt was wiggling he was so excited. He was so displeased that we had to leave basically right away that for the first time in a LONG time he barked as we left.
We were at the hospital for a while. Erik's procedure was about 2 hours, and revovery time was about an hour. After which we were able to help him out the door and home. We got home and Sammy was excited to have us home. He didn't notice anything at first. Erik was quite loopy and unsteady from the meds, so he went right to the chair. I think that was Sammy's first idea something was off.
See, Sammy welcomes us with so much over joyed enthusiasm because we greet him with alot as well! I know, I know, all the books say that's not what you are supposed to do, and it causes separation anxiety, but when you come home to a little corgi whose world seems to go sunshiny because you came home, you just can't help it. And yes, this was more my doing than Erik's, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! So there! Honestly, in all the dogs I've had a priviledge of knowing, not one gives a welcome quite like little Sammy-pants!
Sammy became quite interested in Erik, and that quickly turned into intrest with his face. Erik has a little strap thingy around the head to hold the guaze and stuffing to his nose. Sammy wants to know what the heck it is, but is unable to for multiple reasons. Number one being his nose is a very sensitive place right now. Number 2, it was still somewhat fresh and there was still some excess discharge that Sammy does NOT need to be curious in. Number three, Erik's response to medicine is not great, and this time has expressed itself in lots of dizziness, light headedness, and vomiting. And unfortunately, Sammy is unable to help any of that in a positive mannar.
But what is a corgi to do? He must know what happed to his Dad. He wants to check and make sure he is ok. If I get sick or hurt (I'm clumsy, what can I say) I am always very accepting and appreciative of any attention or love Sammy has to offer. Erik is much more independant in his pain/sickness which I think is confusing the crap out of Sammy. Sammy tried from every angle to get to him. Even climbed up to the arm of the couch a foot and half away from the chair and leaned as far as he could while whining ever so slightly.
After finally making headway in the battle, it was time to get Erik some new guaze. If you were our neighbor you would have thought that someone was attacking us. Sammy was hysterical! He was barking and barking and trying to get in between us. He did laps around the chair when I was finished until he believed all to be ok, again. What a sweet, loud, but sweet boy!
Sammy has overall been very good. He has been napping on and off all day. Short, quiet bursts of energy, as though he knows that he needs to be quiet. However, once Erik was ready for a little bit of Sammy attention, Sammy was too nervous to go over that he ended up jumping on the couch and onto my lap! I carried him over and he sniffed Erik's nose ever so slightly. Making both of them more content with the day. Not happy, just more assured. I have been giving Erik meds ever 2 hours, and every time Sammy thinks it's a little treat for him. So now he has been getting a treat with each med time for Erik. Sammy is now coming around to this!
After several times in the bathroom, many medications, nasal sprays, lots of water, lots of 7up, jello, chicken noodle soup, and other little things, Sammy is beginning to settle to this little routine. It's amazing how dogs who love their humans are able to adjust to keep the status quo and be apart of the family life. Today was nothing like his normal days, nothing like the normal routine but he was able to go with the flow, and probably because he sensed the need for it.
However, the day is not over. And the true question of Sammy's ability to understand our weird human ways will come at bedtime. Erik is going to sleep in the recliner tonight to keep from rolling. He has stints placed in his nose for the next week to train the membranes to be shaped in a different way, making it easier for air to pass. We don't want anything to happy to it, especially with the the incision so tender. He also still has some drainage that he doesn't really want to seep into his mouth (ewww...yuck!). Thus sleeping in the recliner will force him to stay on his back. We shall see how this affects Sammy.
I usually work at 6 am, meaning getting up at 5 (if not before). Sammy, Mr. Morning Grouch, doesn't like it when I leave bed and insists upon leaving, too. All my school and work overnighters, Sammy wouldn't go to bed til I went to bed. If I took him in, he whined or barked until he was able to come out and sleep on my lap. Or while I was gone all night, laid on the corner of the bed and whined barely sleeping. Then slept with me most of the day! He sleeps in the same spot every night. He has the same weird routine. So tonight shall be interesting. And if we have the same sleeping arrangements tomorrow, tomorrow should be interesting as well! In which case, I don't know how much actual sleeping will be happening!
In any case, I can't help but get the warm fuzzy feeling with all this. Sammy is so young, been with us for just a year, through all our crazy schedules and extremes in weather and here he is being the sweetest darn thing! Again! We are so lucky to have him! And it's nice to see just how much he cares for us, and has intuition concerning us. I have had dogs act in this manner before, but not to this extreme. Not with the same genuine look in his eyes! Corgi eyes are so full of emotion! So expressive. More than most people!
If there is more to update with, I certainly will. I hope there will not be anything to update, but you never know. Until then, I am quite ready for a nap, or bed. I feel old. It's not even 9pm. I usually don't go to bed til almost midnight! Luckily I don't work til 2pm tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As stated in, two blogs ago, Sammy's anniversary of his homecoming was this past Saturday! It was super exciting. We had a whole big fun day planned. Unfortunately, we didn't quite get it.
Friday in my last hour of work, I got a call from Erik telling me that he had gotten hurt at his work. He was on his way to emergi-care for them to see what happened to his back. All of which sounds a million times worse than it actually was. He hurt his back moving a vanity top, and had a spasm in the lower back. He was in a lot of pain that day, and has a brace for a little while. Sammy was very concerned about it. It was quite cute!
Once home, I was taking care of the two babies. Helping Erik get up and sit down, walk, get everything, for the first evening until the muscle relaxers began helping. Sammy, being the sweetest dog in the world, tried to help. However, his helping, well, isn't helping.
I went to the store real fast, since we both really needed some food. Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry that I didn't remember the recipe, or anything in the recipe, for Sammy's special meatballs. I did however get the best meal for under $20 for a stationary, hurt boy in his 20's.

Hot boneless wings, bourbon boneless wings, triple pepporoni party pizza, mini tacos, onion rings, oreos, chips and salsa, butterfinger, almond joy...AND a lamb flavored rawhide for the Sammy! Sammy was just fine with this. That night we watched Disturbia and Rear Window. Then compared and contrasted the two til the drugs kicked in.
Originally, Friday night was gonna be a night in preparation for Saturday. Saturday we were going to go to the beach or take a hike. Possibly go to the dogpark, all dependant on just how hot it was. We were going to watch doggie movies, eat ice cream, and have a spaghetti night!
Sammy and I got up nice and early, Erik was a bit slower. Sammy must have known it was a special day. My mom came over, brought bagels, cream cheese, orange juice and a special toy for the Samster! He was happy to perform the squeaker-ectomy.
My mom stuck around and watched Bolt with us. One of Sammy's favorite movies! I don't know about other dogs, but he really likes to watch tv when there are animals on it. I think he really likes Bolt because there is a cartoon dog on almost the whole time. I think that the cartoon allows the contrast to be stronger, so he can watch it easier. Plus there is a cat, and Sammy is all about the cats still.
After finishing the movie, we all got in the car and took a trip to Petland, just for nostalgia. The two workers we saw there didn't look familiar, which was too bad. But they did have a corgi, a tri color, and Sammy kept nosing him through the window! The corgi there definately looked like a trouble maker. He was trying to figure out how to get around the glass. Enjoyed gnawing on his crate-mate's ear. Also enjoyed barking. We could hear his bark above all other pups! He definately needs a family, and with a yard!

"Mom, we look silly taking a picture out here in the parking lot!"
Next up was a Dairy Queen run. Since we ended up making another stop after going to Dairy Queen, we ate ours there (I shared with Sammy. I know it's bad, but it's his pupper-versary!) and Sammy had his Peanut Butter Frosty Paws once we got home.

"Momma. May I puh-wease havey some ows-cream? I's loved to share witch you."

"Thanks you! Don't tell Dad, but yous my favorites!"

Ice cream made him very sleepy and drowsy for our one more stop on the way home!

"Must. Have. Nappy."

"Don't move Dad. Right there is perfect!"

After getting back home and eating his yummy ice cream. He took a nap while watching Beethoven. Then he woke up to go play at the dogpark for a while. I don't have any pictures of that. He made friends with a nine month old beagle. He didn't want any other dog playing with him. Although it was ok for Sammy to play with other dogs. He's such a weirdo. I can't imagine him as a big brother. We weren't there for long, but he ran and ran and ran non-stop, so he wore out fast.
We came back home, we had dinner. He got some speghetti sauce in his dinner. And a little bit of hamburger (very, very, very little). Then he and I curled up on the floor and we all watched Beethoven's 2nd. Sammy of course going crazy every time he heard puppy wimpers!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dip is Not Just for Chips

Last night was Sammy's first experience at a pool! He has had a great time at the lake. He is usually the only dog, can walk in and out of the water (til I carry him into the deep water!), and we usually go when there are only a couple other people. Last night, the only thing the same was him, me, and water.
It was the Doggie Dip hosted by the Nebraska Humane Society in conjunction with the Parks & Games Commission, allowing pups into a public pool for two hours! A once in a summer thing. (Kinda, they are doing it at 2 different pools, 2 different days, so twice total this year.)
When walking up to the gate, Sammy was totally stoked. He saw all the dogs, and he was ready! Unfortunately, the poor guy had to meet a hose first. Since we are in an apartment, he has never seen a hose. Every dog needed to get hosed off, and rubbed with special gloves to try to remove any excess fur (to help not clog the filter). At first, Sammy was patiently waiting in line, the best any excited corgi could. He was trying to sniff the dog ahead of him. See if was willing to play with him, probably. Sammy's turn was next. He waddled up, unknowing of what was to come. At first, it seemed great. Two additional people came over saying, "What a cute little corgi." Something Sammy is quite fond of. He knows that means lots of pets. But then, everyone, including me, held on to him, holding him in place. Then this long hose came from behind the very nice lady and the cold water was being splashed all over him! And if it wasn't enough, a glove was pulling at his fur! Worst Pet Ever! He struggled. Once it was over, he was not slow to leave. But then he turned back around to look at his betrayers, as to say, it's ok. I know you still think I'm cute! It was as if he forgave them in less than an instant, if it's possible, once he was free!
Next we went inside the pool area! It was packed! I couldn't believe how many dogs there were. Sammy of course, Mr. Greeter, didn't know what to do, but had to make contact with each and every dog. Quite dissatisfied that we made him go past the majority of them, and into the baby pool, so he could just wade, ....and so we could see the other corgis! He wasn't too weirded out by anything. We went to the edge of the pool. I nudged him in, and he just walked through, like, "What mom?!" Everywhere was packed. He didn't really seem to enjoy that aspect. He kept trying to get to a more open place, in the water and out.
We were able to see other corgis. There were 5 total. Two that Sammy already knew, and was quite happy to reunite with. He really seemed to remember them, and enjoy not being alone. He was also quite happy to meet the other two corgis. We stuck around them most of the time.
We were able to to make it into the baby pool, with a little room, and Sammy was just fine and dandy, but they have a fountain-like thing in the center, and as soon as he met the falling water, he was ready to get back out. At which point I decided we were just going to be brave and try to find a way into the big pool. Erik hurt his back at work last week, and is wearing a brace for his spasm, so he was unable to join us. He was very helpful in holding Sammy while I got in and making him come close enough that I could grab him. There was NO way I was going to get him to jump into water taller that him. Once we got in, he immediately started swimming, even if I was holding him above water. At first, he would only swim back to the edge where he came in at. Then I held him and we walked around the pool, in no particular way, just wading pretty much. Then he got to the point where, we I put him in the water to swim, he swam out to the middle and did a circle and would swim back to an edge, not necessarily the place we entered. I think he was having fun, and testing his swimming limits a little bit. When he would get out, he seemed to be smiling alot! He also grew and grew in trusting me in the water. He tried to swim less in my arms as the night progressed.
The part that was really to bad was getting out. He was having a hard time. He was able to get his paws to the edge, and a lot of times up on the edge, but not able to climb out. And when he became stuck, he had a look of panic on his face. Most of the time I was able to put my hand under his tushy and help him climb out, but one time I was trying to swim with him, and I wasn't there at the exact moment he needed and could only grab his sides, and it freaked him out and he slid under the water up to his nose. Scared him quite a bit. I had my hand on his sides, so he was under the water for less than a second, but it was enough that he really didn't enjoy the sides of the pool anymore.
Over all, he had a great time! We really think he did. And we had fun, too. I feel bad for Erik who couldn't get in the water, because it was a very hot day. Once in the pool, it was comfortable outside. But other than that it was just great. Sammy came home and ate his dinner, then curled up on the couch next to me where we watched Batman Begins. Not one noise on the tv made him even flinch! He was out!
This upcoming Sunday is the second Doggie Dip, and we heard that last year there was three times as many dogs (over 600!) so we haven't decided if we are going or not. We might drive by, and if it's too busy go to my mom's who lives less than a mile away from the pool.
Here's some pics of the fun! (Before the camera got a little wet. It's ok, it just was time to put it away when it got wet!)

"I don't like that falling water, Momma."

"Still NO!!"

"Please, Mom, no mores falling waters!"

"Times to gos! I needy to rolls in that grass, rights there!"

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Homecoming Anniversary!

One year; 365.25 days; 8,765.813 hours; 525,948.766 minutes; 31,556,926 seconds. That's how long Sammy has been home (approximately).
One year ago, August 7, 2009, Sammy was taken out of his little crate, put on my lap in the car (where he still rides) with his foxy, and came home (to a different apartment, sure...but home is where the heart is, and he is our home) with US!
Sometimes, it seems like the year has just flown by, that it couldn't possibly have been that long. But on the other hand, it's hard to even remember what it was like to not have had him. Not have him stealing my pillow every night. Not have a schedule built around taking him potty. Not thinking of how we will travel with him. Not waiting to put work clothes on last, to not get his fur on my clotes. Not considering which couch will be too tall for him to jump on/off. Not grabbing his water bowl when leaving. Not having Sammy shelves and compartments. Not finding a dog sitter, for the day (still can't leave him). Not sending each other texts about how he's doing, and how he misses who isn't there. What did I do before him? Lol. Seems like he has always been here.
He just fit instantly. No transition time. Just instant family. Even before hitting the car to go home. It's just amazing how he was really just meant for us. How much a little dog can impact a family. Or, make a family, a family. He is our home! And we are so lucky to have him with us.

When we brought him home a year ago, he was just under 4 months old as well as just under 10 lbs. Today he is just under 16 months and just over 30 lbs. This time, not the bulk being his ears and tounge, but his muscular corgi tushy! He has graduated from cute to handsome (although he has always been both). He looks more adult, although he still looks puppy!
When we brought him home, he could barely walk around the building he was ready for a nap. He built up energy, and now he is on the way back down the energy roller coaster! He is getting lazier and lazier by the week!
When we first brought him home, he was super cuddly. Didn't want us out of his sight, and not too far out of reach. He gained independence over time. Explored on his own. Now, he is again very cuddly. Wants to be on our laps, on our feet, along our legs, while getting a nice, gentle pet.

Sammy, one year ago!

Sammy, today!

Sammy is also very grateful to all of you who take intrest in his life. He is very happy to entertain as many people as he can. He says, he may be getting old, less shinanigans, but he will still have many adventures.