Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Love

The other day, Sammy, Erik & I met our friends and their basset hound, Molly at the dogpark. It was the first time Sammy & Molly were finally able to meet! They have been our friends for quite some time, but with all of our schedules, meeting up has been rather difficult over the last few months. But alas, that has changed! Sammy, in true Sammy fashion, could not contain his excitement!

Luckily the dogpark is less than a 10 minute drive!
When we got there, Molly was already waiting inside. It was her first time at the dogpark, and she was sniffing the exterior, not making it too far into the park. When we got there, Sammy went right for Molly's parents who yelled his name. He totally must have thought he was the coolest dog on campus! He had a posse, followers, admirers awaiting him at the dogpark! Molly wasn't too far away, and then then the heavenly gates were opened and there was a special sunshine shining just on Sammy & Molly, compliments of doggie Cupid. Sammy was so smitten.
Sammy followed her around. He licked her face. When they walked together, they would walk shoulder into shoulder. It was very cute. If she sat down, he would sit right next to her. If we wanted to go play, he would nudge her! Seriously, love at first sight!

Unfortunately, Sammy also took on the less positive side of puppy love. He began getting upset at any dog who showed intrest in Molly. He was just as unhappy with an Austrailian Cattledog as German Shepard as another Basset as Black Lab. He would show his teeth and snarl. He kept getting in trouble for it, so he started to get sneaky. If a dog showed intrest, he would walk over and snarl, as he was going for the water.

And....Sammy allowed me to pet Molly without him getting jelous of my attention! It was amazing how he just stuck with her, he didn't venture off too far. They both stayed in a little bubble around us. It was just as cute as can be.

I think she also shared some affection. Not only did she not appear to get annoyed by him. When he got in trouble for taking another dog's tennis ball, Erik went to pick him up and give it back. Then Erik carried Sammy back to our area away from temptation, Molly stayed right by Erik's leg and looked up at Sammy as they walked back to our area. Then they were again, inseparable!

Needless to say, we will most definately be seeing them again! Maybe take them on a walk, just the two of them, get rid of Mr. Snippy!


  1. how cute!!! :) hehehehe. it is truly love at first sight. i cant wait to hear more about them two.