Monday, August 23, 2010

We're Feeling Hot, Hot, HOT!!

Last night after both Erik & I got off work, we had some dinner then went to invade my mom's. Mad Men was on last night ( Mr. Shinnanigan Don!) and we are without cable. But my mom has cable, and Sammy loves to get his energy out chasing those darn kitty cats. In the heat spell we are amidst of, there really isn't much else to do. Last night leaving my mom's at 9:20pm, Erik's car read 91 degrees, STILL!! So any chance Sammy can find something inside with air conditioning is more than welcome. Plus for him, he runs out of energy on the way!!

(I call this his prarie dog! He goes nutso everytime we get there! Everytime I still get surprised how strong he is!)

Think Sammy wants to see the kitty cats??

Sammy had a good time. And we got to watch Mad Men. So all was wonderful. We drove home, came in our door and there was no power! In fact, our entire building was out of power! Not the building across the lot, not the building next to us, not any other building, just ours. Luckily we are on the North side of the building, ground level where we can make the best of it. But it doesn't take much for that awful heat to come through.
Sammy had a hard time getting comfortable in bed. And he was quite the panter! Our power did come back late in the night, or should I say morning time! But Sammy still did not have a wonderful night's rest apparently. He is quite content to be lazy today! We got up around 8:30 had breakfast and played a bit. But then he was quite content to go into the bedroom and watch crappy tv with me (what is there better to do before 10am?). Our bedroom tv (which will be our living room tv when we move) is the only tv that is hooked up to a digital reciever to recieve ANY channels, including now 3 spanish channels (don't get me started!).
We made our way back to the living room about 11:30. We have played some, like 20 minutes before he was done. And now this is how he helps me clean!

In his clubhouse, behind the chair along the interior wall, on his back!
In his younger days he wouldn't let me out of his sight, even while I was cleaning. If I was doing laundry he would show me he wanted up on the bed to watch. If I was cleaning the living room, kitchen, or dining room, he would lay right in the middle of the 3 rooms and watch every move. He is still in the same room with me, I guess, so not completely independant! Still....what a stinker!


  1. Wasn't last night's episode awesome?? :)

    Glad your power came back! Yuck that sounds so hot!!

  2. heck yes it was!! they did a great job with sterling. his reaction was totally classic for that generation! i couldn't beleive sally though! huge gasp! i wonder what all is gonna come out in therapy! can't wait!!
    is it as hot in your area, kelly? we get one or two days of releif, then right back to mid 90s. right now our heat index is 99!

  3. Wow, makes me SO glad I live in Cali! Although we're having our share of heat over here too.