Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Homecoming Anniversary!

One year; 365.25 days; 8,765.813 hours; 525,948.766 minutes; 31,556,926 seconds. That's how long Sammy has been home (approximately).
One year ago, August 7, 2009, Sammy was taken out of his little crate, put on my lap in the car (where he still rides) with his foxy, and came home (to a different apartment, sure...but home is where the heart is, and he is our home) with US!
Sometimes, it seems like the year has just flown by, that it couldn't possibly have been that long. But on the other hand, it's hard to even remember what it was like to not have had him. Not have him stealing my pillow every night. Not have a schedule built around taking him potty. Not thinking of how we will travel with him. Not waiting to put work clothes on last, to not get his fur on my clotes. Not considering which couch will be too tall for him to jump on/off. Not grabbing his water bowl when leaving. Not having Sammy shelves and compartments. Not finding a dog sitter, for the day (still can't leave him). Not sending each other texts about how he's doing, and how he misses who isn't there. What did I do before him? Lol. Seems like he has always been here.
He just fit instantly. No transition time. Just instant family. Even before hitting the car to go home. It's just amazing how he was really just meant for us. How much a little dog can impact a family. Or, make a family, a family. He is our home! And we are so lucky to have him with us.

When we brought him home a year ago, he was just under 4 months old as well as just under 10 lbs. Today he is just under 16 months and just over 30 lbs. This time, not the bulk being his ears and tounge, but his muscular corgi tushy! He has graduated from cute to handsome (although he has always been both). He looks more adult, although he still looks puppy!
When we brought him home, he could barely walk around the building he was ready for a nap. He built up energy, and now he is on the way back down the energy roller coaster! He is getting lazier and lazier by the week!
When we first brought him home, he was super cuddly. Didn't want us out of his sight, and not too far out of reach. He gained independence over time. Explored on his own. Now, he is again very cuddly. Wants to be on our laps, on our feet, along our legs, while getting a nice, gentle pet.

Sammy, one year ago!

Sammy, today!

Sammy is also very grateful to all of you who take intrest in his life. He is very happy to entertain as many people as he can. He says, he may be getting old, less shinanigans, but he will still have many adventures.


  1. He really is a handsome boy! Happy anniversary Sammy!

  2. Aww happy Sammerversary! He is so lucky to have found you!! (and vice-versa!)

  3. Happy Anniversary Sammy! You've grown into a very handsome guy!

  4. Well said! Happy Anniversary Sammy!

  5. He is so adorable!! Happy Gotcha Day!

  6. Very cool Sammy, congrats to you on your anniversary! My two month anniversary is tomorrow! Woof!


  7. Awwwww this makes me tear up! He looks so sad in those first photos of him before you adopted him. You can tell he is so happy to have found a forever home!! I'm glad you both found each other :) I know how amazing it is!

  8. im sorry about the late comment i've been a bit busy lately :(

    im so happy you guys found sammy because i love reading about him :)