Monday, August 9, 2010

Dip is Not Just for Chips

Last night was Sammy's first experience at a pool! He has had a great time at the lake. He is usually the only dog, can walk in and out of the water (til I carry him into the deep water!), and we usually go when there are only a couple other people. Last night, the only thing the same was him, me, and water.
It was the Doggie Dip hosted by the Nebraska Humane Society in conjunction with the Parks & Games Commission, allowing pups into a public pool for two hours! A once in a summer thing. (Kinda, they are doing it at 2 different pools, 2 different days, so twice total this year.)
When walking up to the gate, Sammy was totally stoked. He saw all the dogs, and he was ready! Unfortunately, the poor guy had to meet a hose first. Since we are in an apartment, he has never seen a hose. Every dog needed to get hosed off, and rubbed with special gloves to try to remove any excess fur (to help not clog the filter). At first, Sammy was patiently waiting in line, the best any excited corgi could. He was trying to sniff the dog ahead of him. See if was willing to play with him, probably. Sammy's turn was next. He waddled up, unknowing of what was to come. At first, it seemed great. Two additional people came over saying, "What a cute little corgi." Something Sammy is quite fond of. He knows that means lots of pets. But then, everyone, including me, held on to him, holding him in place. Then this long hose came from behind the very nice lady and the cold water was being splashed all over him! And if it wasn't enough, a glove was pulling at his fur! Worst Pet Ever! He struggled. Once it was over, he was not slow to leave. But then he turned back around to look at his betrayers, as to say, it's ok. I know you still think I'm cute! It was as if he forgave them in less than an instant, if it's possible, once he was free!
Next we went inside the pool area! It was packed! I couldn't believe how many dogs there were. Sammy of course, Mr. Greeter, didn't know what to do, but had to make contact with each and every dog. Quite dissatisfied that we made him go past the majority of them, and into the baby pool, so he could just wade, ....and so we could see the other corgis! He wasn't too weirded out by anything. We went to the edge of the pool. I nudged him in, and he just walked through, like, "What mom?!" Everywhere was packed. He didn't really seem to enjoy that aspect. He kept trying to get to a more open place, in the water and out.
We were able to see other corgis. There were 5 total. Two that Sammy already knew, and was quite happy to reunite with. He really seemed to remember them, and enjoy not being alone. He was also quite happy to meet the other two corgis. We stuck around them most of the time.
We were able to to make it into the baby pool, with a little room, and Sammy was just fine and dandy, but they have a fountain-like thing in the center, and as soon as he met the falling water, he was ready to get back out. At which point I decided we were just going to be brave and try to find a way into the big pool. Erik hurt his back at work last week, and is wearing a brace for his spasm, so he was unable to join us. He was very helpful in holding Sammy while I got in and making him come close enough that I could grab him. There was NO way I was going to get him to jump into water taller that him. Once we got in, he immediately started swimming, even if I was holding him above water. At first, he would only swim back to the edge where he came in at. Then I held him and we walked around the pool, in no particular way, just wading pretty much. Then he got to the point where, we I put him in the water to swim, he swam out to the middle and did a circle and would swim back to an edge, not necessarily the place we entered. I think he was having fun, and testing his swimming limits a little bit. When he would get out, he seemed to be smiling alot! He also grew and grew in trusting me in the water. He tried to swim less in my arms as the night progressed.
The part that was really to bad was getting out. He was having a hard time. He was able to get his paws to the edge, and a lot of times up on the edge, but not able to climb out. And when he became stuck, he had a look of panic on his face. Most of the time I was able to put my hand under his tushy and help him climb out, but one time I was trying to swim with him, and I wasn't there at the exact moment he needed and could only grab his sides, and it freaked him out and he slid under the water up to his nose. Scared him quite a bit. I had my hand on his sides, so he was under the water for less than a second, but it was enough that he really didn't enjoy the sides of the pool anymore.
Over all, he had a great time! We really think he did. And we had fun, too. I feel bad for Erik who couldn't get in the water, because it was a very hot day. Once in the pool, it was comfortable outside. But other than that it was just great. Sammy came home and ate his dinner, then curled up on the couch next to me where we watched Batman Begins. Not one noise on the tv made him even flinch! He was out!
This upcoming Sunday is the second Doggie Dip, and we heard that last year there was three times as many dogs (over 600!) so we haven't decided if we are going or not. We might drive by, and if it's too busy go to my mom's who lives less than a mile away from the pool.
Here's some pics of the fun! (Before the camera got a little wet. It's ok, it just was time to put it away when it got wet!)

"I don't like that falling water, Momma."

"Still NO!!"

"Please, Mom, no mores falling waters!"

"Times to gos! I needy to rolls in that grass, rights there!"


  1. Looks like fun! And I love your suit! :)

    I think there was something like that at our local pool the first year we moved here.. Too bad it was pre Gibson though :( I think it was such a ridiculous mess that they haven't done it since! lol

  2. it was pretty crazy. they had lifeguards in the pool with screen-like tools where they were constantly pulling up fur with. they also had someone at the main filter with a screen-like thing to keep as much from going in as possible. it was 2 hours, and they had a 15 minute break in the middle to try to clean up some of the fur in the water then, too. i think they have done it before and were well prepared for the fur! lol

  3. That is so cool they do that!!! Sammy really look displeased with that fountain haha. Sadie probably would be the same way. She isn't such a fan of the hose, either!! Glad you had fun though!

  4. That looks like so much fun! Stanley would love it. Thanks for posting those cute pics -you can see one of the tri-color corgis in the background too! :)

  5. love the captions on the pictures :) sammy looks like the fountain is going to kill him.

    im glad that sammy and you had fun, i wish we had something like that around here!! poor sammy getting freaked out about not being able to get out of the pool by himself.

    i hope erik has a fast recovery