Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nappy Nap Day

Sammy & I just woke from taking an hour nap together on the couch. Something I wish we could do more often. He is such a cuddle bug, but with the heat of the summer and our chaotic schedules, long impromptu naps together have not been terribly commonplace.
Sammy & I made time today because we are both somewhat drowsy from last night. Well, probably the whole week. It has been a bit of a crazy week around here, again. Erik had his surgery Tuesday, which led into a few days of stress and taking care of him. Also meant that my day off was not with Sammy, but with the waiting room at the VA. Not fun for him. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Erik had orientation for his new school, making longer and different schedules for Sammy. Also brought out the backpack, something Sammy knows well, and dislikes. Add some storms, and it's the usual culprits for Sammy to get stir crazy being stuck inside. If that wasn't enough, yesterday (Friday), Erik has his white coat, induction ceremony. Afterwards, we went to dinner with his parents, sister and sister's fiancee. More of Sammy seeing us come and go. All of which he is handling quite well. With a yummy chicken flavored beef rawhide bone, handles it with a great big Sammy sized smile!
Once we finally made it home last night, from our long week, Sammy was quite happy to see us, and even happier to see our boxes of leftovers! He went right to cuddle bug mode, happy to be right here with both of us. We went into the bedroom to watch a movie on our good tv and relax. Sammy got to take his bone, so he was content. We all fell asleep while watching the movie.
1:30 am. Sammy woke up and started moving around. Ended up taking him outside to potty, thinking it was the only thing he could be awake for. Came back in, took him a while to get comfy.
3:00 am. Sammy was up moving around again. After a few minutes we decided to put him on the ground. He made it to the door, looked back and saw no one was coming with him. He turned around, came back to the bed, jumped on his back legs and whined up to us. He got back on the bed, and kept walking around.
3:30 am. Grabbed his rawhide, to see if it would help give him something to do. He took the rawhide, hid it under the blanket and came back up to lay on my tummy.
3:50 am. Running out of an ideas, take him back outside to potty. Sammy tried to "potty" twice with nothing coming out. We walked around the building. Once back to the side of our building, he pulled with all his might back to our apartment. Once in the door, went right for the bed, and jumped up on his hind legs. After taking off the leash I put him back on bed and he was still quite unsatisfied. He could not get comfortable. I felt so bad for him. Erik was annoyed, Sammy got scared and put his ears back and ended up laying on my other side on his back with his head on my chest. Licking my arm quite a bit. I ended up rubbing his tummy for as long as I can remember. Finally he was able to get comfy in his normal spot above the pillow.
It was quite the long night. We got up around 8, and did a couple of errands. Sammy was happy to get to ride to the bank and gas station, and totally thrilled it was so nice he got to have his head out the window as much as he wanted! After coming back, we had a little snack and still Sammy had not "pottied." He still hadn't eaten his breakfast. But now he seems to be in a happy mood again. Sammy and I curled up on the couch to watch a movie and ended up taking a nice long nap. I have since waken up, but he just moved to his blanket in front of the window for a continuation of his nap! Crossing our fingers and toes that once he wakes up we will be able to take him potty successfully.
Followed by many more cuddly nappies!

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