Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Guinea Dog

Erik has now started nursing school. Which is very exciting to everyone except Sammy. Sammy already has evil intentions on Erik's backpack and Erik is only on his second day in school (to Sammy, 5 because of 3 days of orientation). Erik has a very long day on Mondays, so at most I will work til noon on Mondays to help this new transition.
Erik is very excited though, as he should be. Last week when we went to dinner following his ceremony, his parents got him a present. A nice stethascope with his name engraved into it. His mom is also a nurse, and got him the same one she has. He was very excited, and was very excited to use it.
Insert our Guinea Dog here.
Sammy got to be the first recipent of care from the stethascope. Sammy, of course, thought it was an awesome game. Erik, of course, thought it was an awesome chance to listen to Sammy's interior. I, of course, thought it was a great photo-op!

"You gotsta catch me first Dad!!"

"Look Ma's, Dad is checking me up!"

"Heart's good."

"Hmm...some activity in the mischevious part of the brain."

"Yup, yup. Just as I suspected. This corgi is hungry. Better get him a treat."

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  1. haha too cute! I'm sure his tummy was growling as loud as it could :)