Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dino Dog (& Mom)

Sammy is a very happy dog. Very.
Yesterday he got to go for the dog equivalent of a doggie shopping spree. It has been a long, long time since he has really gotten any new toys. He was also almost out of food, so Sammy got a fun trip to Petco. He was even more excited than usual.
Once he got inside the door, he got the attention of three people right away. Once the cloud of attention faded, the football display appeared as if out of no where! There are fun football toys, ....and jerseys! I wanted to get Sammy a Nebraska jersey last year, but concerned that he might grow out of it, I waited. Yesterday they were on sale since football season is about to begin!
The jersey might be more for me than Sammy, but he got lots of attention while trying it on, so it was a win-win! We got a coupon in the mail for a free toy with the purchase of his food bag, so on to the toy aisle. Sammy gets very excited because I pull down toys that are different or that I think he will like, and set them on the ground and see which he reacts to the most. Crazy, probably, but he always loves the toy he comes home with. They had this cute little sock monkey toy, that he loved right away. Probably the texture. But at the end of the aisle, they had new dinosaur toys!! This brought out the geologist in me. My puppy MUST have a dinosaur!!
Once picking out the triceratops, we rounded the corner to find another kind of dinosaur toys!! Sammy got to choose from the two triceratops, and I was happy he picked my favorite. It's really neat because it has weird bumps with the material that I bet Sammy (or any dog) would find interesting to play with. It is void of stuffing, except in the head. It has a squeaker in the main body. Also, it has something like tissue paper or something that makes crinkly noises in it's main body as well as in the tail. Sammy is facinated by this new noise. He was happy to carry it, until we got to the food aisle!
On our way out, we stopped at the treat buffet. Sammy got a bag including his favorite treats: pretzel, alphabet, chocolate chip cookies, cream filled cookies, fruity and doggie dots. Ok, so I dunno what they taste like, but that is what they look like. Finally, they had a new treat in the treat buffet, and it smelled like what it looked, oatmeal cookies!! He got to try one when he got home, and he loved it! I wonder if it tastes similar to oatmeal cookies without the sugary side. Anyone know how they do this?
We picked up some Chinese food on our way home (we were celebrating, also most of the reason Sammy got a spree!) for carry-out. When we got home, Sammy didn't even care about our food. He just sat next to the table where the Petco bag was and stare at it, wishing it to fall on the ground and release his new toys and treats! When I walked by not noticing, he did his cute little whiney bark telling me I forgot something. So I gave him his toys:


"Yeps...those ones!"

"And I shall call hims, Sack Monkey."

"Dinos-saur!! Dinos-saur!!!!"

Sammy didn't care about our food. I gave him a little edge of my crab rangoon, but he was unconcerned. He's a weirdo. He just carried on playing with his toys.
I was so proud of him, he may have punctured his dinosaur squeaker, but both toys survived the night! No tears, no rips, so insides on the outside! All still easy to play with, although they could use some washing since they are kinda gross from the slobber, but that's ok. This is the first time in a LONG time his toys survived the night. And, they are even still interesting this morning!
Hmmm....maybe he will hafta get the teradactyl next. ....
Then the t-rex? There was a brachiosaurus, too.
I'm so glad my little puppy loves his dinosaur. Wonder if he got it from me?

(Haha...wish he knew it was a dinosaur ..and what a dinosaur was. For now, I will just pretend. Lol.)


  1. Ohhh that dinosaur toy looks fun!! And I love the sock monkey :) Sadie has a toy with that crinkle noise and she loves it, too! So fun!!

  2. Stanley has that sock monkey toy too. He's had since he was a puppy and it's survived pretty well. That dinosaur looks awesome. Sammy looks very happy with his new loot.

  3. love the toys :)
    sammy is just too cute

    never tried the treat buffet at petco....considering giving it a visit

  4. hahah so cute. i would be like that do. i am in accounting.. so wow it would be funny if i found a stuffed calculator or briefcase or a stuffed $ sign. hahahh funny! anyways, sammy is such a happy dog :) i love it!

    bailey loves trying to sniff out the treats at the buffet bar too. of course he tries but cannot reach it, but he does try to find crumbs on the ground around it.

    and you guys better keep a lookout for my pawit fowward post coming up soon.. maybe a week!