Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Water Wars!

I love IHazAHotdog.com (as if you couldn't tell from all the previous blog posts!). I don't check it everyday, or even routinly. Every once in a while, I get on and check all the new ones until I find the last one that I remember. Yesterday, I was super duper excited to see multiple corgi ones since the last time I was on. (Like the one we blogged with yesterday. Lol.)

I really enjoyed this one:


Not gonna lie, made me laugh aloud. Makes me feel even more blessed with how wonderful Sammy's reaction was with the lake. He was a little leary about the water, but he walks in on his own accord. No dragging, no pulling, and sometimes, he goes in first!
This upcoming Sunday, we are hoping to take him to a pool and see how he does there. We learned about it on MyCorgi.com. We are part of the Nebraska Corgis group, and one person saw where our local Humane Society in Omaha teamed up with two pools to allow a Doggie Dip, since it's the end of the pool season. One pool hosting it is literally across the parking lot. I'm super excited. Storms are in the forecast for the next week and a half, and we don't have Erik's work schedule yet, so we are crossing all of our toes-ies. And we will definately be blogging about it if we get to go!

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