Sunday, September 26, 2010

'Sker Stylin'

Last night Nebraksa played South Dakota State. It was Nebraska's homecoming. The game did not go well. Yes they won, but really they shouldn't have. It was a very long game for those watching.
Luckily for Sammy, who doesn't understand the whole football thing, they was not any less yummy handouts just because the Husker's forgot to show up. Unfortunately for Sammy, his Momma gets all supersticious in such events and made him wear his jersey until she felt it was ok for him to be without. Actually, this may have given him more pity treats, so maybe he should be thankful.
Nonetheless, Sammy had a wonderful time up at my grandma's to watch another football game. And he looked just adorable in Husker Red!

(I really should have pulled his jersey down for this one, it would have been just perfect, but I worry he might accidentally potty on it!)

Boy, does he just love having a great big yard! So big he doesn't know where it ends!I think he has found the fence once.

"Go 'Skers! You can do it! ....pweease. It would make my Momma and Dad happy!"

"It's not getting any better is it, Mom?"

"Wake me when the team decides to show up and play..."

Sammy got to enjoy his own bowl of homemade apple crisp! Isn't he a lucky puppy!!

Corgis really do sleep in such interesting ways. I mean, really, does his tushy need a pillow more than his head?

"My dear Huskers. I am still your biggest canine fan. My pawrents still are amongst your large Nebraska fan base. But please, get it back to where you were and get ready for the rest of the season. Soon please, I wouldn't mind not wearing the jersey, like my Momma will make me do in her nervousness when you don't play as well as you have shown you can! Thank you, Sammy!"

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