Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Room

When moving, we thought having a second bedroom for guests was among the features we were hoping for. We were able to find it within our price limitations. What we didn't expect was Sammy to believe that it would be HIS room.
Last Friday we were able to move in furniture from my mom's. I had a full size bed, and that would fit in my mom's van, but our queen size bed would not. So Friday was a big moving day. Immediately, Sammy loved the bed, as well as the second bedroom in general. He was right in the mix every step of the way, something I really don't advise for small animals, unless their presence is as large as the Samster's!

That evening we decided to sleep in our new apartment. Something Erik might have regretted later, since it was a full not a queen. However, we had no food so we splurged on some chinese food. We also had no table, this mean Sammy was on cloud 9, we were eating on the floor just like Sammy! Except I had yummy orange chicken, and Erik had pork something chinese pancakes while Sammy had kibbles with canned beef mixed in.

"Drops some, drops some!!"

His toybox, pillow and Charlie got moved, and that pretty much made our new home for him. I don't think he has really looked back. Now Sammy has two drawers all to himself in HIS room. We frequently find him in HIS room, and if ANYONE dares to enter, he must follow and jump on the bed. And after all his moving in and decorating, he wants to show off his new room! It's not quite done. We still need to get the curtains (I've almost finished making) up and two more pillows first and foremost, then little touches, but Sammy feels quite at home now.

He is ready for company!
And he wants to make sure everyone sees how he has really put himself into his artwork for the wall!! Soon he hopes to have a fantastic illustration of himself to put up on the wall! It's on his Christmas list!! :)


  1. how cute :)

    its so funny how he thinks its his room haha :)

    cute little sammy

    butterball and benny said they want to have a sleep over in sammy's new room!

  2. Zoe and Chloe want a sleep over at Sammy's!

  3. I love the picture of Sammy hanging above the bed. ADORABLE!!! I think if you have any visitors to use that room they are going to have a snuggle buddy weather they want one or not. :-)

  4. hehe, isn't that the whole reason you guys moved, so that Sammy could have his own room :-) jk

  5. Cool room Sammy! You are so lucky you get your OWN very full size bed!! Perfect size for sleep overs! Have fun dude!


  6. Looks great! Glad the move went well :)