Friday, September 24, 2010

Paws it Forward

Sammy was lucky enough to recieve a Paws it Forward Package from Bailey (from It was a bright light in Sammy's moving experience!

"Wants to OPEN!!"

"Hurry, hurry....hurry! hurry! hurry!....."


"I's loves it. It's mys!"

"More? For moi?!"

"Lookie...that says Sammy! That's me!"

"That's mys stuff from Bailey! I's a happy corgi!"

"Me's with my stuff. Looks, it's more than me!"

"No Momma, that's mine. I know you likes it, but it's mines. READ the package. 'To Sammy!'"

"Hey....that's not me! How could they make a corgi card and NOT feature me! My Momma says I's the cutest! ....I guess that corgi is kinda cute, too. But not as cute."
Thanks Bailey & Karen!!!

Ok, you know this part. Now Sammy gets to Paw it Forward to the first two who comment below. I think most of our readers have already participated, so if you know someone, send it along please. We would love to send it on!! Post a comment with your name and email, and I will get back to you as soon as I can to get your address to send it along!


  1. sammy is sooo cute!!!!!! ahh i wish we could meet u guys up at a dog park lol. anyways, i loved the video and you guys are very welcome. ohhh!!! did u see sammy wink at :33 ? i think that was a wink for us.. and for you to throw the toy already! :D enjoy!

  2. haha....he winks alot! does bailey?
    i wish we could meet all of our corgi buddies somewhere! it's too bad that you guys are about as far away as you can get from us! we would totally meet you at the dogpark!

  3. Phooey, number three! Well, I hope Sammy enjoys his toys and treats.

  4. hey if you are interested you would be the first to comment for one. we got our package from karen....just let me know if you want one, we still need some takers!!!