Monday, September 13, 2010


Yesterday I inadvertantly found an amazaing sister for Sammy. I don't even remember how I ended up on the page, now, but I found myself drawn to her. Ina a way that reminded me of Sammy. Her eyes gave me the same feeling as Sammy did when we inadvertantly ran into him. I'm good at this inadvertant stuff...
Anyway, her name is Sadie. A lady in Kansas City found her as a stray looking all ragged and unhealthy. She already had a Pembroke, and rather than getting the humane society or another shelter in on it, she took care of the sick little corgi herself. Sadie recovered as best as she could. She has congestive heart failure, arthritis, and poor vision and hearing. Yet, Sadie still has a love for life. She is still playful and doesn't let it slow her down. The lady estimates her to be around 6 or 7.
The lady is having to give her up for job reasons. She will be living mainly out of hotels, and that is not going to work with Sadie. The Corgi Connection of Kansas posted her on to hope to find a good home for her.
Both Erik and I were taken by her. We both wanted to grab her up and we even figuring out how to get down there Tuesday. I emailed her and felt good about it all. Sadie sounded like a great match with Sammy. Sammy would have alot to get used to, sharing attention, toys and such, but we both felt confident that he would, and gain a buddy for his time alone at home. Sadie's medications are about $25 a month, which didn't seem too much to handle either. We were on board.
Over the next couple hours we thought and seeked out advice. During this time, we both we concerned what would happen if her health declined? We might be able to handle the $25 a month now, but if something got worse, we don't know that we would be able to do what she needed. As you all know, we are in the process of moving, which is also not a fantastic time to merge the lives of two corgis, let alone one in to us, and all of us into a new home.
We slept on it, and after all has been said, we are not going to be bring home Sadie. In many ways, I really wish we were, and I would love to help her. I think we could be a good fit for her, even stubborn Sammy who might not like it right away. I'm very sad about it today. Sammy seems to understand. He was very snuggly in bed last night, and today since I have been home from work, he has been right at my lap. Letting me know he is still my only boy! And he most definately is!! He is still the best pup in the world!! :)
If anyone else reading this, say in the midwest, say Kansas area, finds Sadie to be of intrest, please check her out:

Also, if you could let me know, so I know she got a good home, that would be appreciated!


  1. Aww she's a doll! I would love to adopt a corgi in need, but it stresses me out thinking about things like medications and what you described. It sounds like you made the right choice for now, but I hope she finds a good home!

  2. dont worry, you'll get another little corgi when the time is right :)

    it will all work out trust me!
    and sadie will find a great home, she is a cutie

  3. We adopted Dottie when she was 12 years old (she just passed away at 14) and we got Cooper when he was 9 (he is twelve now). Cooper hasn't cost us anything really except for an initial dental surgery. Dottie - she did cost some dollars when she got bladder stones but nothing we couldn't pay over time. Dottie had congestive heart failure and pretty much all it does is slow the old dear down. They can provide meds (which Sadie is already on) and that is it. More than likely, one day you would notice Sadie panting and being too tired to get up and around.

    I would say "take the chance". I think you might be surprised how little she cost. With heart failure there is only so much that can be done and then they just fade away - but the time between then and now - she could add so much to your life.

    We are so happy we adopted older dogs - and our 5 year old corgi, Dozer, has had the time of his life with them.


  4. Awwww! I think it would be so hard to adopt a dog that was already sick, because like you said, if her health started to decline soon, that would be difficult. I hope someone can help her though. It makes me sad her name is Sadie :( I do agree with what Nancy said though, too. The pup would add a lot to your life, no matter how long she is in your life. But if it doesn't feel right to you guys right now, then it's not. It's a big responsibility. (Although The Adventures of Sammy and Sadie sounds cute haha.)

  5. thanks guys. i really wanted to bring her home. i think she would have been a great fit into our home. my aunt and uncle work with our local humane society and frequently bring home older dogs that need help and would likely not find another home easily, and they lived a mile away from me growing up, so i often dogsat. some lasted longer than others, and some in worse condition than others, but it was always worth it. i wish that we knew we would have been able to support her financially with what she would need. i'm still a little bummed that we are without sadie.
    good news though, i have been routinely checking the page to see how she is doing, and it has been posted that she was adopted. i hope it's a great family for her!

  6. whew..this made me so sad....Having senior corgis myself, I have a very special place in my heart for them....I am SO glad to hear she has a home. What a dear , darling girl....Nancy is so, so right...