Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Digs

Sammy went with us to get our keys to our new digs. Then we took him in and let him run around like a crazy dog. Which he did! He immediately figured out the circle and did a few laps. He FRAPPED in and out and around every room. He loved our "dressing room" of our bedroom because the closets are connectd and he can run through in a circle (until I fill it up with shoes!). And got to run in and out from our deck to inside the apartment! He must have known this was our new place!!

"This is a nice spot to puts my toys and bones."

"What's gonna goes here, Momma? This mights me a good place for mys pillow."

"Don't's put anysthing here, this is where I run mys circle. Except treats. Treats go everyswhere!"

"And here's a view! I likes this much better. I would likes anothers pillow right here so I can look over mys new territory!"

Obviously this is Sammy's apartment, and he's gracious enough to be letting us live there and feed him. Nonetheless, he seems thrilled!! As are we!


  1. aww glad he likes it!! That's a nice little look-out place for him :)

  2. Aww looks like he loves it!! And I am sure he will enjoy the balcony!

  3. Cute! It's Sammy's frap certified :)

  4. hahahha so cute :)

    i always love your captions you put on the pictires.
    glad you found a great apartment

  5. What fun! Looks like Sammy is gonna love the new place. Congrats!

  6. It is so nice of Sammy to let you live there with him. Nice doggie!

  7. Congratulations oin your new place! That looks like a perfect look out for Sammy. Gotta keep an eye out for those squirrels!

  8. love it!!! love the mini deck so he can scout the surroundings. congrats on finding a new place! oh and i forgot to mention, we sent the package to your old address if you are looking for it! :)