Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh"

We are getting the keys to our new apartment in just a few short days. It is quite complicated. We aren't moving everything all in one day like we did moving into this place. And, we are making it about as complicated as possible. What I mean by that is, our current living room tv and tv stand is being sold and money going towards a nice tv stand for our nice tv that is in the bedroom currently. We are getting rid of the broken couch we have now and getting a new one with the money we are saving with our months free rent for October. We are getting hand me down bookshelves from Erik's parents as well as a dining room table (we've been using a card table for years). We are getting my bed stuff (matresses, frame, headboard and nightstand) from my home and putting it into our new second bedroom with our current bedding and getting new bedding for our bed. Erik is deciding on his aquariums, but the way it looks now, the giant one might be getting sold and getting a new tall (still giant, but less space) one to fit better into our living room. I broke another dish, so we just ordered the dishes from my Christmas list! Our ever growing book and dvd/blu ray (& cd, but less noticable) collection is taking a re-vamp. I made us go through EVERYTHING and we gave away what people wanted, and taking the rest to a used bookstore to sell (for those we want more!), and still we need more dvd shelves and bookshelves! Sammy is overall, unphased by this. I thought this would be awful for him. When we moved into our current residence, he didn't like it at all, and we had some potty accidents. I have kept the packing til absolutely the last minute so we wouldn't stress him too much. Or my OCD. But now we live in an apartment of stacks. Giveaways, sell, and goodwill with boxes in the background. Drives me nuts! But Sammy is a-ok. It's as though it's just new obstacles to FRAP around. I'm quite proud of him. And crossing my fingers it will stay throughout the move. We have 2 major days for moving. That is, two days we are both off, so one day we are gonna move lots of boxes and such, and the other Erik's parents are bringing their big truck with trailer to move the big stuff. Hopefully everything will just work those two days. Anyway, my mom is getting the Sammy duty for that day. She had him last year, too. She said he would really calm down when it was just the two of them, but when people were in and out with heavy things, he was just unsure and very restless. That is why we have her booked! We took Sammy to Petsmart (next to JCPenny, where I ordered my beautiful dishes!) so Erik could look at fish stuff, and more importantly I could find some stuff to keep Sammy calm and entertained easily for my mom. There were bones on sale, so Sammy has 2 Busy Bones. He loves them, however they won't keep him busy for long. Since they are more than our normal rawhides, he doesn't get them but for special treats, so he will be really excited and actually chomp on it those days. They also had Kong stuff on sale, so Sammy got a package of 3 squeaky tennis balls, because he can just squeak away for hours! get to these cheap and happy solutions, I had to walk past the Halloween stuff!! Holiday stuff is like crack to me. I looooove decorating for the holidays, just hate how much it costs and space it takes up in storage the rest of the year. Sammy gets to share in my holiday delight. They had such a cool toy right on the endcap. It was a Martha Stweart toy, and I had no idea she made them! It's a little skeletone that has a wobbly head, but when it's slammed into the ground or hit, it screams! Not just a simple squeaker for this toy! Sammy carried it through the whole store (til he saw me grab the Kong balls) and spent the whole night playing with it til it broke (uh..hmmm....he broke it!). **pardon our packing mess! :(
My entire night was filled by the screams.... here is a short glimpse into our 4 hours before bed.
He just loved it. And I would recommend it to anyone. I don't know how he got it to the point where he could make it scream as though it was a squeaker, just chomping on it. But eventually he had it to the point where I picked it up and turned it over and it started screaming!! I knew he was Mr. Muscle Jaw, but I had no idea his jaw was this strong! Crazy doggie! No need to worry though, Mr. Skeleton didn't last long. Came home from work to find him passed out in the bedroom and the skeleton all sad in the living room. Of which he promptly acted as though nothing was weird. "What? This heres, the way it came. You boughts it, don't ya remember, Ma?" When I tried to pick it up, he grabbed it right out of my hand and protected it from me. I think to say, "I'm not done with that yet!" And since our apartment is already such a mess, why not! So now the question is, how long will our stuffing-less skeleton be with us?? Check it out:


  1. haha, this pretty much cracked me up...:-)

  2. it was such a cool toy! well worth it!!!

  3. :) i love halloween stuff :) im currently looking like crazy for costumes for the boys :)

  4. Love all the Martha Stewart dog stuff! This toy is so cool, but I think it will scare Sadie lol. Sammy looks very proud of his destruction. "Ma, I'm doing surgery, ok?"