Monday, September 27, 2010

Itchy Little Buggers

Around the time we began our move, we noticed Sammy was a little more itchy than usual. The weather was a roller coaster, and his winter coat was coming in, but then shedding ALOT on the warm days. We both attributed alot of it to that, but it was still ALOT of itching. Took a closer look and found nasty little black things in his fur.


Not a fun feeling. Not at all. Erik got to give Sammy a flea bath while I started cleaning and washing the bedding. Sammy doesn't usually get baths from Erik, this might be the second time, and this was a more serious bath. He was a little bit uneasy about this bath.

I felt so bad for my itchy little puppy. There weren't too many fleas, so we definately caught it fast! Sammy slept so well last night, the itching might have stopped his sound sleeping, as well as it must have taken all his energy to make it through this, oh so traumatic situation. Haha. Today though, he is a bit tender where the fleas were. They were contained in his tushy fur, and around his back legs. It was well washed, then brushed post bath. Now even just petting him there, he seems uneasy about. For his sake, and ours, I sure hope this is the only flea bath he needs. And we NEVER see these little buggers:


  1. Good thing you caught it early on. Ive dealt with a bad flea problem with my cats- not fun. Watch out also for "hot spots" they pop up with excessive scratching. Whiskey had them (not because of fleas but because the groomers didnt rinse her all the way). They look like little raw pinky red areas of skin, easy to treat tho, But with his itching those may pop up. :-) Hope Sammy is feeling better!

  2. Ugh, no fun! Last year, my parent's dog got fleas BAD and their whole house was covered. Every time we went over there a few hopped on Gibson to go home with us. It was NOT fun. I had to inspect him all day long all fall! I became very good and grabbing them off of him with my fingers and smashing them with my fingernails, lol. I wish they made flea medications that actually worked!

  3. I'd like to recommend Comfortis. It's a beef flavored chewable that you give with food. It kills fleas in 30 minutes and the protection lasts for a month.

    For 1 1/2 years, I've used Comfortis monthly, paired with daily doses of brewer's yeast and garlic pills. It is very effective in killing fleas. Ein & Brian have not experienced any of the side effects listed.

    For the past year however, we've been preventing fleas using only brewer's yeast and garlic pills. Comfortis is standing by as backup if fleas decide to come visit.

    Others on swear by it too:

  4. havent dealth with fleas with the boys yet but i hope we dont have to in the future.

    poor sammy good thing you inspected him!

  5. Ugh! Glad you caught them early. Sadie has been itching lately, too, but it seems to be allergies...

  6. My mom swears by Frontline Plus. I get it every month year around because we live in condo place with a lot of dogs and I go to the groomers. We also have feral cats hanging around. It works really well.

    Glad you were able to get rid of those little buggers Sammy!


  7. we have had frontline, too. with all the chaos this month, we forgot to give him it. and didn't notice til a week later. we thought it would be ok, and rather than changing our schedule we would just be fine this month. ....nope.
    i have never heard of comfortitis. i will hafta look into it!
    thanks guys!