Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Settling In

Sammy is loving his new place. He wasn't enjoying all the commotion to get to it, but he is loving it now. Erik & I have had a lot on our plate and didn't realize til this past weekend when we moved the last of our stuff (bed, etc) over that neither of us transferred our internet. Soo....we are livin in the dark ages until Friday. Currently I am using a computer at the apartment community building, which is a great amenity, but I don't have access to my pictures, or my muse. Hopefully Saturday I can begin to give a more proper update on the happenings.
Until then, I will have to give a quick summary.
Last Wednesday we got our new keys. Erik moved some stuff over that night, borrowing his sister's SUV. I was at work unloading a truck. Our truck was an abnormally large truck, and running late. They usually arrive around 2 or 3pm and the ETA was 5. 5 came and went. 6 came and went. as well as 7 and 8. 8:30 the truck finally was rolling in. As unloading the truck, our 30% chance of rain came to town in the form of a storm with 60 mph winds! Knocked out the power at my work. Erik was in Bellevue (practically a suburb of Omaha to the South) switching cars back. I normally get off at 8:30 but was there til 10 trying to unbox everything I was in charge of. I left at 10, called Erik, asked how Sammy handled it and if he remembered to close the windows to our new digs. Answer...can you guess it? It was a NO! Long, long night ahead. Sammy was unphased. Just FRAPPED along! We are on the second level, so he enjoyed being able to run around inside, dodge out on the deck and never need the darn leash or rope!
Thursday, Sammy and I went to my mom's to load up some of my old furniture. In our new place we are able to have a full second bedroom. It's great for us because so many of our friends are not in Omaha and we will be able to give them more than an ugly, broken, uncomfortable couch. My mom and I got it loaded while Sammy chased the kitty cats. Erik met us at the new place after he got out of class and helped me move the stuff into the apartment while my mom helped Sammy explore the outdoors! Then we had lunch on the floor, another of Sammy's highlights. Erik and I made a few more trips, and I unpacked alot of stuff while he and Sammy got comfortable in the new place.
Friday, I had work for 7 hours, and he had school for 5. Sammy stayed at the old apartment with the remaining stuff. When we got off, we had some lunch and got to moving one more load to make Saturday easier. Sammy was already much more comfortable with his new place. He wasn't a hundred percent, but getting much much closer! I had finished alot of the second bedroom, and we were able to sleep there that night. That seemed to help Sammy quite a bit.
Saturday, Erik's parents were coming to allow us to use their big SUV before they went over to Erik's sister's to help them with some home remodeling. We just had a few things left, and they were big, but would hopefully be quick. My mom watched Sammy for us. After we got the couple things in, we had a nice healthy (ha) meal at Culver's then went to Nebraska Furniture Mart. Nebraska Furniture Mart is fantastic. Unfortunately most of the country doesn't know of it, but really it's just a great fun store for anything home. Erik & I were able to purchase our new couch and were gonna get to pick it up with his parents car on Saturday. They also were nice enough to get us a dining room table, since the other was unable to be fixed. We got the couch over and Sammy jumped right up. He knew it was his! Then we got the table in just in time for the Husker game. So, we got to watch the Husker game from our brand new couch in our brand new apartment. It was a great Saturday, and Sammy was feeling quite at home.
Sammy wasn't eating much, however. He also was on edge with every noise. He doesn't know all the sounds of the new place. It will take a while for him to get used to, but I know he will. He is getting more and more used to it everyday, and he is back to his normal food routine. He has met a couple of other dogs, as well as people, and loves them all! Today was finally my first real day off that didn't include moving, and we were being lazy. Sammy was very offended by the lawn mowers (much bigger and louder than before) and spent all morning protecting us from them, as well as the hedge clippers, weed wacker and all other yard equipment. He even enlisted the help of the black lab below us. Sammy also has grown an attachment to the second bedroom. Almost like he thinks it is his. When he gets sleepy or just doesn't want to be apart of what we are doing in the living room or bathroom or bedroom, he goes to his room. When we come home from work or school, he is in his bedroom. Which is nice, but unexpected. I put his pillow in our room, thinking it would be the same as the other place. Who knows, he is still working all the kinks out!

Friday, Sammy was also priveledged enough to recieve a Paws it Forward package from Bailey (& Karen). It was so great to get, and he opened it in his new apartment. I think it helped to make it his home, some more. Hopefully I will be able to get the pictures up and able to make a proper post of his package this weekend with internet!! So, if you haven't received a Paws it Forward package yet, and would like one, look this weekend to respond to ours and you could get one from Sammy!!
Hope all is well with everyone else, we haven't kept up to date with everyone else's posts either. I see that the calendar is available, so don't forget to get them. They will make a wonderful Christmas present, and pay close attention to July. It really is like a Christmas in July with the Sammy!!


  1. I’m glad the move went smooth , and congrats on the new place, it sounds wonderful!! You guys are just too cute!!! You need to turn that second bedroom into sammy’s room.. how neat would that be?!!? Love the frapping part. Bailey only does it rarely and on occasion when I come home from work. I do miss it! :D cant wait for the paws it forward package.. sorry about the card!!!

  2. Hi Sammy! Congrats on your new home and your new bedroom! You are a lucky dog! It's fun figuring out a new home, I recently did it when my mom adopted me. It's an adventure! Have fun dude!

    My mom read about Sadie. Sadie was so fortunate to have someone take such good care of her, she is certain the right person is out there for her too. My mom volunteers at a shelter and she would love to take them all home,and she does in her heart. But what she does is put them on my blog when she never know who might see them!


  3. Glad the move went well! And that Sammy approves of his new digs :)

  4. very nice...glad it went smoothly, enjoy the new digs