Friday, July 30, 2010

Girls Are Dumb

Sammy here. First, I wanna say I love my Momma. I do. AND, I love my cousins (ok, it's my mom's cousin and her cousin's kids. what does that make them to me? ...Cousins!), all of them. They are all so fun, and they all love me, too.
But there is something about girls that make me do this:

See that...that is my mom and my littlest cousin (pretend) feeding me with a bottle! The bottle that came with the BABY she just got as a darn present!

They aren't at all like Dad who just holds me up so I can see better. (I'm short, ok!)

Dumb girls!

....But then again, Momma and my girl cousins like to cuddle with me more than Dad and my boy cousins. Maybe it's an ok trade off. Just don't tell them, they don't need to know that!

In other news, my Momma got a hair cut. I was quite confused by it at first. I sniffed and sniffed her head to see if it was a trick. Who knows where she could stuff it. Girls are tricky. I like it now, especially since it takes her less time to deal with and wash, so more time for ME!

She looks different, but she is still the same. Still loves to give me kisses. Yet another girl thing. But it's ok, 'cause I love to give her kissies, too.

Oh, can you not tell her about that either! Thanks.


  1. Sammy,

    Chloe and Zoe here. Your secret is safe with us.

    We are girls and our girl-peoples put swim suits and little skirts on us sometimes! We are not amused! Hang in there.

    Oh, we like our people-kisses too. ;)

  2. sshhhh...don't give her any more ideas!! when we went to the petstore, i saw her looking very closely at the nebraska football jersey. but i do like the huskers, ...i'm very torn about this. what's a corgi to do?
    it sure is nice not to be the only corgi with such problems. maybe we should form a support group.

  3. thanks kelly!! it's different!! not quite what i wanted, but i like it just the same!

  4. Hahaha poor Sammy!

    I loveeee your hair cut! I am trying to figure out what to do with mine right's getting so long!