Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beat the Heat

Sammy HATES the heat. Ok, proabably more of the humidity than the heat. It's kinda funny, in a way. He gets soo excited to go outside, then once the wall of heat and humidity hits, his head hangs a little lower. A little bitter disappointment each and every time. Poor pup. Doing our fun hikes, dogpark trips, big walks, even the lake isn't too feasible when you have multiple days in a row of heat advisories, and heat indicies around 110. Just not good for doggers.
Moreover, Sammy has yet to learn from the turtle...he is still the rabbit. He has NO idea how to pace himself. He goes right to fun, and goes and goes as fast and hard as he can, til he can't go anymore. Another reason, we're camping it indoors. Just not worth it with that mentality.
I try my darndest to stay a step ahead of him. We have a schedule, usually 2 days in advance of his activities centered around our work schedules and temperatures. IE: when we take walks, when we plan to go somewhere, what yummy things may lie in the freezer...etc. We only walk him at the ends of the day...early morning, late evening. With our schedules, it's not perfect. We plan bigger trips when we know our work schedules align and he will be alone alot. Then we try to entertain him while we are here.
His toys and bones are getting boring to him. Sammy pulls out each and every toy out, one by one, then looks at me like, "uh...more? These suck." Unfortunately I don't think anything will really be too much fun for him right now. He just seems so miserable being trapped indoors more. (I tell myself he understands, but I'm not sure. lol)
Anyway, I came home to find that Sammy had found a super fun game to beat the heat!

"Hi Momma...I had fun today!!"

And another video just for all the Sammy fans. He is such a good listener!! :)


  1. Poor Sammy, the heat is horrible this year :( Hopefully, only another month of this or so!

    He seems so proud of his mess!

  2. The heat is getting to Sadie, too. Especially with her black hair! She gets hot very quickly. But at least Sammy found something to do with his time haha.

  3. Where's your ball? I eated it! Too cute. =)

  4. awwwww :)

    i wouldnt dream of leaving butters alone in the house knowing what he does with us home!!

    sammy is such a good boy :) i hope it cools down!!!

  5. i hope it gets cooler for you guys soon,.. wish we could send you someeeeeee mistyyyyy cool fog. :). hahaa.. bailey loves to tear things into the smallest pieces too. whether its a tennis ball or a panel of cardboard.. they do make good paper shredders.. could turn that into a business dontcha think?!!? lol