Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Your Smiley Cup

Does your dog suffer from bumps under the chin? Are you worried that it is itchy or ouchy for your pup?
If you said yes, we have your answer....A Smiley Cup!!

Take it from Sammy, just look at his his before picture:

That was before Sammy got his Smiley Cup! Sammy's chin was being irriated by his plastic food bowl. With proper cleaning and this special Smiley Cup, you can help relieve bumps from your pup's chin!
Look at Sammy's chin after just 8 days:

The best part, is your dog will love his new food dish as it's sure to put a smile on everyone's face! Smiles should be contagious...not bumps!

****Note. This is not an actual advertisment. This was just meant to be funny!! We aren't promoting the smiley cup, just trying to express our story as a pretend advertisment.*****

Ok, so we don't know for sure what is helping his bumps the most, the medicated wipes, the warm water washclothes twice a day, or the bowl but we are just happy to see a difference. We had been feeding him on a plate from our cupboard, as you may have seen on the previous blog, which was making a big mess. My mom had this smiley cup we used for soup when I was little and asked if I wanted to try it with Sammy before getting him a "real," non-plastic food bowl to see if it would work before purchasing it. We are thinking that it's a combination of all three factors, so we are going to keep him away from plastic dogbowls now. But we have really grown to like our Smiley Cup and we are keeping it. A Smiley Corgi needs a Smiley Cup!!


  1. I'm So Am Glad your chin is healing Cutie Pie!!! It Looks like everything your Mom is doing is helping!!! I love the smiley cup idea too thats so cute!!!

  2. awww that was cute!!! im glad that sammy's bumpies are clearing up, he looks alot better....and the smilie cup is cute :)

  3. hahah aww cute :) I love the smiley cup! Hey, if it works... why not?

  4. Yay, every corgi should have smiley-ware!

  5. Glad to see the bumps are clearing up!! And that cup is cute :)