Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fifth of July!

We had a very fun Fourth of July Weekend! Sammy was able to play with kids and dogs! He got to see and play with his doggie cousins; see one of his bff's, grant as well as 2 kids at the bbq; he got to hang out with my mom and chase kitty cats; he got lots of tasty treats snuck to him; he got lots of attention; AND he got to see fireworks for the first (real) time! What does this mean for a nearly 15 month old corgi?

Happy Fifth of July! Enjoy your naps!


  1. It's been a big weekend. You tuckered him out! How cute!

  2. Happy 5th of July Sammy! From your buddy, Loki

  3. aww glad u had bunches of fun, i love it when doggie friends get together. hahah hes so cute. bailey hardly ever sleeps upside down anymore!!