Friday, July 16, 2010

Spaghetti Night!

So yesterday, I passed my day off time during our heat advisory by watching Rachael Ray on TV with Sammy in front of the fan! Haha. Rachael made, what I can only imagine is, the best fish tacos! They looked so good. I think Sammy & I drooled in unison! Today I HAD to get online and try to find the recipe, so when we do our next shopping spree, I can load a couple of these items up and make them! While on Rachael Ray's website ( I was beyond over joyed to find a link to recipes might have guessed it, DOGS! Oh man was I excited.
For other people who enjoy making a little something special for their puppers, I thought I would share these cool recipes! My most inticing is the "K-9 Ingredient Meatballs" ( Sammy's 1 year anniversary of his homecoming is coming up in less than a month, and we are now planning on having Spaghetti Night to celebrate!!! We are gonna double check a couple of the ingredients I'm surprised are used, but then we are off to celebrate!!! case anyone is interested, her complete listing is:


  1. Oh that is such a good and cute idea!! I never knew she had doggy recipes! You'll have to take pictures of your spaghetti night :)

  2. thanks for sharing :)
    make sure to let us know how sammy likes it!!
    and yes you will have to take pictures

  3. hahaha neat!!!!!!!!!!!! :) i love baking for bailey. OHHH!! bri... i went on the petsmart website, and if you register your account online, there are some fatabulous coupons available right now for science diet healthy mobility food you blogged about wanting sammy to try, and some coupons for free treats with purchase.. and some free food coupons!!!

  4. So cute!!!! Definitely take pics :) Hope Sammy enjoys it! (What corgi wouldn't?!??!)