Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

So far our Fourth of July weekend has been really fun! Although Sammy was alive for Fourth of July '09, he was in the petstore, so he was unable to expierence it. So, I'm calling this his first Fourth, even though it is not. Surprisingly, he is less than concerned about most fireworks! Shocking since he hated thunder at first, and for a long time after. As well as say our neighbors being loud. But as long as we are with him, no biggee.
In Omaha, we like our fireworks. We have a big concert and fireworks on the Friday before the Fourth at our big park, Memorial Park. It is practically across the street from main campus, so we had planned on going to campus and watching from there. However, parking was opened to the public rather than just permits (ugh) and we ended up at the golf course/park between main campus and South campus. It was Sammy's first time on a golf course, he really enjoyed the green for some reason. There were other dogs and tons of kids so Sammy was pretty much in his element, except for that darn leash that drove him crazy. Once the fireworks began, he sat right in between Erik and I, and that silly dog, it seemed like he watched part of it! Can you believe it? He was taken off guard by the echoing of the booms, which was kinda cute. But no barking, no whining, no upset-edness (did I make that word up?), just calm and sweet.
Yesterday (Saturday, July 3) was Rosenblatt Fireworks. Usually on a Saturday, but can fall midweek if the Fourth is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, the Omaha Royals take on another minor league team and afterwards we have a humongus firework show! I've heard before, although I have not researched it myself to be certain, that it was "The largest firework show this side of the Mississippi." Seriously, about the only reason to care about baseball sometimes. Erik's parents got everyone tickets to the game (AKA fireworks) since this is the last year of Rosenblatt Stadium. (Rosenblatt is also where the College World Series is, but Omaha is building a larger stadium to keep the CWS. The Royals don't get enough people for the Rosenblatt, so the Henry Doorly Zoo (also amazing, seriously top 10 in the world) will be taking the land to expand. It's a whole big thing.)
First, however, we went to Erik's sister's house to help with their outdoor renovations (Erik's brother and sister-in-law have a business doing this) to improve the house and they came in town for it). Sammy got to play with both his cousins, Bella and Max. Sammy was about over his limit after about an hour, but was able to hang in there for about 2. He just doesn't have the energy for all that! I ended up separating them so Sammy could lie down for a while. We came home to take showers and Sammy passed out to the point he didn't even wake for the hair dryer! We left for the game, so Sammy got picked up by my mom to spend the evening with her. I wanted him to have someone around for the brunt of the fireworks, but moreover I wanted to have him covered otherwise I would NEVER have any fun worrying about him with fireworks and long time...etc.
We had a great time at the Blatt, amazing fireworks (we have it recorded I just don't know how to upload that big of a file :( ), but I don't think Sammy was quite as excited. He apparently was unable to sleep soundly. Kept jumping. We got to my mom's to pick him up around midnight, and home around 12:30. Then the poor baby had to wake up at 5 this morning since I had to work at 6! He has lots of plans for this evening still, and I think he is concerned about it because when it came time for his photoshoot, well, he was WAAAAAAAY too tired to help!

"This Fourth of July business is hard work, Momma."

"Ok, Mommma, I'll do it. .....Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!!"

"When I grows up, I wants to be a sailor, jus like my Dad!"

"'Specially the nappy part!"

"Have a Happy Fourth of July! Sammy out."


  1. awwww i love the pictures of sammy :) what a sweetie. butterball does not put up with photos.

    happy fourth of july!!

  2. hahahahahaa...... so cute. bailey gives me a lot of that look in the last picture... like "you done yet, ma??"

  3. OMG the pictures with the sailor hat are so freaking adorable!!!!! My grandfather was a sailor, so I always have a special place for sailors in my heart!! :)