Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The First Annual Peanut Butter Bath

Today Sammy was a little more cheerful than yesterday, and certainly the day before! Sammy has the After Christmas Blues, and it looked like he was gonna be normal happy Sammy today. I had to go and mess all that up!
As discussed before, Sammy likes the tree water. He loves the tree water. He is ever so careful about it, so it really isn't a big deal. I just had to make sure to water the tree every single day. The only problem with the tree water, is the tree retaliated with dripping sap all over my pup! Our tree, in our itsy bitsy apartment, is skinny so luckily it really only dripped on his little head and those giant ears! I gave him his normal baths during the season, but did you know how sap is shampoo resistant! Even after multiple baths!
After research (google-ing 'remove tree sap from fur') I got the answer as peanut butter. This didn't sound like fun, so I decided to just wait until after Christmas, because he is bound to just get more in his fur! So today was the day. Our tree is almost dead so it shouldn't cause anymore problems to his fur.
It was the first, I'm sure not the last, in fact I assume ever year we have a real tree, he will have an annual peanut butter bath to end the holiday season. I don't know if anyone reading this has ever done a peanut butter bath with their dog, but it's really less fun than it sounds. And, it doesn't sound fun at all. We went into the bathroom and we did the first part of our weekly bath routine. Clean the ears and brush the teeth. Then as the water was filling, I pulled out the peanut butter. Sammy was excited  because he loves peanut butter, but it faded as it was put on his head and not his tounge. Don't worry, I gave him some, too.
What I found out in the bath was that I put too much on! Either it was too clumped on his head or I didn't knead it into his fun enough, either way, it did wonders on his fur, it was just horrible to get out! He is walking around with a residue in his fur right now. He didn't enjoy me playing with his ear trying to get the peanut butter out. We were in the bath for 45 minutes! He was not having fun, and honestly neither was I. But it worked! It's nice to not have weird dark clumpy, sticky mats on his head!
He was a very good sport about it. It was hard for him, but overall he did very well. So he got ice cream for his troubles. And he pranced around after his bath to show off how handsome he is!

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  1. aww poor guy!! Regular baths are not fun, so I can't imagine a peanut butter one!