Sunday, December 13, 2009

To Eat or Not to Eat, That is the Question

I have said this before, and I have absolutely no doubt I will say it again. Sammy is a weird dog.
He does all sorts of things everyday that I have come to get used to, knowing that is my pup. Then we travel somewhere, or I talk to a friend with a dog, or even remember the dogs I grew up with and then I realize, he is not ordinary, but extra ordinary. One thing he has enjoyed recently, drinking the tree water. Yep, the water was only put there so he could have a bowl closer, so he would not need to go all the way to the kitchen for water (an extra 5 feet from the tree). He gets under the tree and around the presents ever so gently as to not disturb a thing. Some dogs feel the need to test the tree, not Sammy. I don't think he even realized it was weird to have it there, even though we did have to move his toy box. Furthermore, on our tree, we have rawhide candy canes, not regular people candy canes.  Yet still he does not feel the need to climb to get a candy cane, just to slink under and get some water. Now the back of his head is sticky and crunchy from the sap. Weirdo. 
The other day, when I was leaving for school my overwhelming backpack knocked one of the three people candy canes (to the twelve dog candy canes) off the tree. Erik was still there and I asked him to just check the floor before he left. He didn't see the candy cane, and I know this because Sammy did. Now I know that this is the part where some crazy story comes from his eating the candy cane, like he stained the carpet red from the dye or he got sick or something with the plastic, but this is Sammy. Sammy broke the candy cane into a few peices, but apparently didn't think it was a tasty treat. I found three large chunks on the floor with the wrapper still wrapped around it. From the three peices it had to make up at least 90% of the original candy cane. When I come home, Sammy always needs to say hi, he hops up on his hind legs onto my leg with his ears back and puppy eyes. This with a little scratch on the leg means he wants to be held. (Sounds crazy but if you don't do it he follows your walking jumping on his hind legs until he gets his hug! Even more weird "hold you" is one like 10 words he knows and jumps on my leg when I ask him "do you want me to hold you?") When I picked him up upon my arrival I felt candy cane on his rear end! The little peices got stuck on the back of his legs and hips! There were like 4 or 5 peices that all together made the size of a hershey kiss. Not a single stain on the floor, nothing. Weird!
Yet the night before that, while I was writing my paper, I had to pull a q-tip out of his throat while he was trying to swallow it!
Anyway, I will finish with a couple pictures:
the first is of Sammy anxiously awaiting his giant candy cane rawhide (we didn't put this size on the tree),
and the second and third are Sammy helping me with school work on the worst couch ever!
the fourth is Sammy and his Santa in front of the tree
the fifth is me and Sammy in front of the tree
and the last one is Sammy and Erik at my mom's watching the Nebraska game couple weeks ago


  1. loved all the pictures with Sammy!! the tree water doesn't have any chemicals to preserve the life of the tree does it? I know one of the corgis that have a blog last year got really sick from drinking the tree water; do be careful!!


  2. Cute pictures!! :) I was going to mention what Betty did as well. Be careful with him drinking the water if you put aspirin in there or the chemicals they give you with the tree that is supposed to keep the tree alive longer...Could be dangerous to the dog. I'm sure you already know this, but just in case! I was sure not to put anything in the water last year in case Sadie wanted a taste :)