Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Santa...

First, before I start my blogging of the day, I should mention Sammy told me he was jealous of all these other corgi sites we have visited and how beautiful they look. He is more jealous that the other corgis get their pictures right at the top and it's personalized. I told him I would try to make our snappy, and put his cute little puppy face right at the top. He was elated. How hard could it be right? Well, I'm here to say that after about 2 hours of reading crap and clicking buttons I thought correlated to what these site were saying, and a little bit of frustration, I ended up with a photo of Sammy that was about 3 times the size of the screen! I asked Sammy how hurt he would be if I just clicked another template and called it good, he said he was ok with that. Thus, we have this brighter, snappier blue thing on our page. (Better than the white I almost went with. Another day I will give it a go.)
As for our Santa story...
Petco was sponsering Santa coming to the store and getting pictures with the PALS members' animals that make a purchase! Boy have I been counting down the days for this event. The flyer has been on the refridgerator for almost a month. I held off the Christmas shopping for Sammy's cousins until this day! We went in and I can never make it past the darn seasonal display, so Sammy got his holiday sweater. Sammy's cousins are older dogs and don't enjoy sqeaking on toys for hours upon hours like him, so we picked out the bones we are going to give. Then I was a little sad that it meant we weren't getting the package of toys, meaning Sammy couldn't have one. So I narrowed it down to three. Sammy ended up with two: a tree that has a squeaker and a rope that runs through it (perfect for tug of war), and one of the long loofas in the shape of Santa (it also squeaks). Next was hitting up the cat section for his kitty cousins. I made an observation there, and that was kitty seasonal toys, not nearly as fun as the doggie toys! We did get kinda seasonal cat toys. Our animal Christmas shopping is done! No Petco trip is complete without a trip to the buffett! We got some Christmas pretzels (red and green) and a couple of his other favorites. I wanted to get him rawhide candy canes, but we have found them cheaper at Hy-vee.
After making our purchase, we got what we came for: Sammy's picture with Santa! I don't have a scanner to upload the real pic, so my cell phone photo will have to suffice:

And here he is after:
I think he had a good time! The second picture came out blurry, but he did not enjoy sitting still for a picture. I wanted to try to capture his "unbridled" excitment! Cute little puppy! It was really fun to get his picture taken with Santa. I'm sure it makes me one of the crazy dog people, but it was cool! There were lots of other dogs AND cats (yeah, people brought their cats) there at the same time! Sammy went ADD dog. I've learned that his ADD dog loses cuteness with age, sad...I don't think the ADD moments will go away. We ended up spending more time walking around so we could go up when there were as few other animals as possible. When it was our turn, there was one other dog there, and Sammy couldn't take his eyes off him! I had to resort to asking Sammy if he wanted to go for a car ride behind the lady taking the pictures to get him to look that way. That was after the squeaking toys, yelling his name and making barking sounds had no effect. Santa seemed to enjoy him though, I think they bonded.
I hope Sammy asked him for a yard.....


  1. Sammy look so cute with Santa!!! I hope you can figure out how to get a picture of Sammy on top of the blog; I remember doing it for Koda; it didn't seem tooooo complicated but I remember I had the option of posting it at a smaller size than normal or something like that and it came out a good size


  2. Aww so cute! I didn't know this was going on this weekend! Boo. Looks like they have it again this Saturday, too, so maybe I can get Sadie over there!