Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The After Christmas Blues

Sammy love, love, LOVED Christmas. Or this Christmas anyway. It was his first Christmas! We started by leaving for Axtell on Tuesday, December 22nd. Not much of a highlight for the Samster. All night Monday and into the morning on Tuesday Erik and I were trying to finish our handmade gifts that we procrastinated about. And now I can say what they were! They were handmade snowglobes. Very fun...when finished. So we were up all night then got up early on Tuesday to fill them with water before hitting the road. We wanted to be out of Omaha by 2 so we would miss the incoming snow. Well, when we woke up, the acryllic gel that we mixed with paints and painted really cool bottoms, all peeled up. They were in fact water resistant, but if just one droplet of water can get underneath, that's all it needed to peel right up. That left us in a bind. We then tried to pull something together to gorilla glue and silicon adhesive the figurines back on and get drying before leaving. And....we hadn't even packed yet! Sammy saw us losing it! Then we had to pack ALL of our supplies, all the presents, our clothes and shoes plus nice clothes for 2 days worth of Christmases, Christmas movies, wrapping paper now, his food, treats, toys and christmas sweater, his kennel, and all the Christmas presents for my Christmas we were going to hit coming back into town. Yep, he didn't like seeing almost all of our belongings getting trucked outside. After a little bit he was on my heels, then he jumped on my legs while I was walking and if I stopped. When I sat to pack things into suitcases, he jumped on my lap and licked my hands and arms. He was very worried.

Once we got in the car though, he was A-Ok.  Sammy figured this had to be some kind of great adventure. It was, it was Christmas! We got out just in the nick of time. By the time we were on the highway going to Axtell from Kearny, we couldn't even see the trees along the roads because of the blowing snow. It was not a fun last hour. Sammy was a bit worried as well. He likes to look out the window, but he couldn't see a thing. Plus, he got to hear lots of happiness from the driver's seat! However, once we finally made it to the house, he bounded out knowing exactly where we were! The family dog, who is very chosey and anti-social loves Sammy and walked right past up to look for Sammy! They began playing right away!

They didn't stop until, not the next day, but the following, Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve, the weather took a much less fun turn. That's when the real blizzard decided to come. Erik's sister and her fiancee were on the road that day. We were very nervous for them. But they made it! Sammy enjoyed opening presents. Not for any presents, no...because Sneezy, the kitty, would get behind paper and into boxes and Sammy would try to find him! They really do like each other, we learned. After everyone else had gone to bed, we jumped on the computer to check the weather and those two laid down right next to each other calm as can be! They were both too tired to play, and they knew it! It was a very sweet, temporary moment. The weather told us, we weren't leaving on Christmas Day. My family Christmas has been postponed until January 2nd anyway. It's a good thing we got clothes for Christmas, we didn't have room for any extra! This meant more playtime for Sammy and Shithhead (I've decided to try a double H, so I don't feel as bad about her name). Sammy, unlike Shithhead, was beyond excited about the blizzard. He begged to go outside. Sammy might be at a foot tall now, but the snow drifts we many times that. He didn't mind a bit! The wind was whipping upwards of 40-50 mph. Didn't phase him for a second. It was nice to be out there where we could just open the door and let the crazy one go out and run around to his hearts content. He found the biggest snow drifts and just bulldozed right through! Erik's parents live in what looks like the classic farm house. They have a nice two story house with a few other buildings scattered around their "yard" (I don't know if that's what it's called in the country). They have a nice tree line around their property, a huge flower bed and a small vegetable garden. Their house is positioned on a dirt road surrounded by fields (I think all corn??). This meant we were target A for the snow! No matter where the snow fell, it was going to be blown on the surrounding corn fields into the property to build up and drift along trees, fences, name it. It was quite a sight to see, actually. We actually went out in it! We went to see Avatar in Kearny and on the drive home, the wind had made a wonderfully large drift on the road where we were stuck. The three boys took to their pushing and shoveling positions. Us girls all got out to relieve some of the weight. Once we got out, I couldn't see anything. The wind was so strong their, if it wasn't for being planted in the snow, I would have blown away! Once we got out of that wind stream, we just decided to walk the rest of the way. It wasn't very far. Somewhere between a half mile and mile. But, we could kind of see the lights to the house through the blowing snow, and I kept thinking of my Sammy in his little kennel upstairs, all alone! So I went to! We walked right into the wind for the last leg of it! I couldn't get my hat on! I had to just cover my face with my hands. It was one of the most amazing sites I had ever seen though. It looked just like movies and all the hollywood stuff. Just perfect! Once I turned into the driveway, those boys got the darn truck un-stuck though. Oh well, I still beat them. I sprinted up the stairs to get my little Sammy. I pulled him out and then I shuddered at the thought of going back out. It didn't even seem to phase the little guy. Well, that's probably because the house was well guarded at this point by the ever-building snow drifts! After almost 10 minutes, we had to drag the little snow pup in, unwillingly. The day after Christmas we got up ready to get going. The interstates were still closed for chunks of our drives. So, I took Sammy out to play in the snow. I didn't get too many photos of us playing in the snow, because I was having too much fun, but I did get some of the snow. And since there wasn't much to do, I edited them and put them in black and white! What I learned from this adventure, is that Sammy has an advantage only being 30 lbs! He didn't sink as much as I did, so sometimes he could get further than me!

The blizzard was done where we were, but it was still snowing back home, so the roads were far from clear. That's ok, Sammy and I had lots of fun in the snow! Then he was able to play with his buddies again!
At the end of the day, the roads were open. That meant we were going to get to go home! Yay. We tag teamed it with Erik's sister and her fiancee, who also live in Omaha. Their were tons and tons of cars on the side of the road. Plenty of ice on the road made it so more cars were ending in the ditches.

When we got home, we had to just park and then had to pull out the shovel. Erik shoveled a spot for his car so we could just back it along the "yard" for our apartment. He shoveled a little path and shoveled our porch so we could just unload our stuff through our door rather than up the stairs to the building, up the stairs into the building and down the stairs to first floor! While he did that, I had to clean up our snowglobe mess so we could set it down. Then he shoveled a spot for my car and shoveled out my car while I unloaded our million and fifty two things! Sammy was on his rope the whole time, wondering why we had to resort to these stupid leashes and collars again!
Once we got in and settled he crashed. He slept the rest of the day and night. He got up the next day and just looked as sad as can be that he doesn't have his buddies to play with. And he doesn't have a big yard with endless possibilities. Poor dog. He just looked sad. It was such a let down for him to come home.
Sammy's sad puppy eyes: (He didn't even want a yummy bone!)

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