Thursday, December 17, 2009


Over the last couple days we have come to a startling discovery. Not only does Sammy not know his own name, but apparently he believes his name is Better. Yep.
Ever since we got him, we have had a hard time getting him to respond to Sammy, other than when he is just curious as to what we are saying. He likes to watch people talk and try to figure out what is going on, so he generally looks when you say "Sammy," but only if he isn't too busy. Sammy knows his full name, Samerson Wegener and more importantly knows that means he is in trouble. He doesn't know many words, I'll give you that, but his name? Surely over the past four and a half months we have had him, he would know his name! Anyway, by some weird chance Erik said better and his popped right up!  Like my dog, Max, growing up would jump to "Max."
We have tested it since then, and now I truly think that he is "Better." Sometimes I think that he is just messing with us, and he is just smarter than all of us. Perhaps he gets a kick out of it. But then, more times than not, now I'm not sure what to think. Anyway, I took a short little video while he was chowing down on his candy cane. (This is not the orginal candy cane, this is a new one. He takes rawhides down pretty fast.)


  1. haha aww! I love that video :) He looks so pleased w/himself when he responds to "Better". I think Gibson used to think his name was "Good Boy". Silly corgis..

  2. Hahaha too funny! Sometimes Sadie will perk up at weird words that mean nothing...I always wonder if they sound like something else. Silly dogs!

  3. wonder what other word he knows that he associates with the sound of better. for instance Koda knows "do you" since we say "do you want to go for a walk or a car ride" so when I say "do you" to hubby in "do you want to go to a movie" Koda pops up thinking we are asking him to do something. so I wonder if Sammy has associated better with another sound with something cool he likes to do or eat. as he grows I bet he'll get quite a vocabulary of words he knows