Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here in Omaha we are freezing! We are, yet again, in a winter storm warning and wind chill warning. Tomorrow, the high is to be -3 with a low in the -20's. It is beyond freezing here. My car doesn't like to be on, and I can't blame it. The police is warning people to not get on roads, especially interstates because all the black ice and that it's too cold for the salt to react with the ice. Sammy, however, can't get enough.
Sammy loves it outside! I can't believe it. He sits by the door and wants to go out all day long! Once he is out there, he just wants to play and bounce around and stick his head in the snow. I feel as though the winds are pulling the skin off my face. It doesn't help that our apartment is on the North side of the building so not only do we get no sun over here, but we get the awesome North wind everytime we open the door! My current theory is the snow is so high that Sammy is shielded by it and can't feel the blistery wind!
I just don't get it. After Sammy does his business he jumps and bounces and then I will say, "Good boy Sammy! Lets go in and get a treat!" and I see his huge smile drop and ears fall down. He is so disappointed everytime. Then he comes in and sits at the window and assumes the position. I feel bad, I can't keep up with Mr. Invincible. Even with long underwear, jeans, sweatshirts, coats, hats, gloves and scarves, I just can't handle the cold!
Just thought I would share my utter amazement with Sammy's ability to weather the weather! (haha) I should say enjoy all weathers. I don't know if it's a corgi thing, or a Sammy thing, but I am impressed!
Stay warm everyone!

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  1. Sadie is the same way! She loves the snow, and doesn't mind the winter at all. I end up freezing my butt off though. I think it's that extra layer of corgi fur!!! They are super warm. I always hope she'll be quick, but she sniffs everything and takes her sweet time, even when I'm freezing!