Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Pup

Last night was the beginning of the snow storms expected this week. Currently we only have maybe an inch to two inches on the ground, but that is certainly enough for Sammy to play in. We had snow before on his sixth month birthday, but that was nearly two months ago! I wasn't sure how much he would remember from then, I just hoped he would still enjoy it!
The snow began yesterday during the daytime, but it wasn't really accumulating. Not until late, late in the night. When we went out for our potty trips, each snow flake became more and more inticing! He bounded like there was a foot of snow, not centimeters. He didn't want to come in! By the end of last night Sammy learned the word snow. That means his word recognition is now up to: Sammy, sit, kisses, treat, walk, breakfast, dinner car ride, Petco, walk ....and snow! No, not stay, lie down, up, or down, come, or any of those other "normal" doggie words.
This morning enough had accumulated that I told him as soon as I got home from class we would go to the park next to our complex and play in the snow. It's a nice little neighborhood park that has very few visitors. There is a little playground where Sammy has learned to slide and sit on my lap to swing! He usually goes right for it so he can run in circles in the sand. There is a pool in one corner with a basketball court and tennis court next to it. Behind those courts and next to the playground is a baseball field, which currently is covered in snow, so it looks like a big snow field. On the other side of the baseball field is a small incline covered with trees and picnic areas. The baseball field is a nice place to let Sammy have his freedom, no leash, so he can run like a crazy dog on special occasions like today!
When I came back, we (Erik and I) got suited up while Sammy paced in front of the door just waiting for us to hurry up!! He couldn't understand what I was doing getting two shirts, a coat, two pairs of socks, waterproof boots, hat and gloves on when he could just walk out the door. He pulled and pulled as hard as he could down teh parking lot right into the drift  made by the plows. Then once we got to the end of the tennis court, I let him free. He ran and ran and ran as if it was his first and only day to run. It's amazing how fast his little legs can go! I know I couldn't keep up with him, but I tried.

He had so much fun running around and eating the snow! He would bury his head and then shake it! He just loves to run around in it. Almost too distracted to do his business, I hope that wears a little in the future. Sammy ran and ran in big giant circles. I ran after him, then he ran after me. We raced, and he won everytime! The cold didn't bother him a bit. Then he started following his own trails, sniffing like a little hound. Just so much fun!
We are expected to get more snow today and many inches through the night as well as into tomorrow, so I am excited to take him back out. He was upset we had to come in so fast, and wouldn't come in the door! I had to pick him up and bring him in because I was too cold to mess around with that! It should be interesting once we get a few more inches and his legs are too short to just barrel through! Hopefully it will happen at a good time, it is dead week at school, so I don't have the most flexible schedule to entertain him in the snow unfortunately. It's a good thing he is a good pup and will love it no matter when we get to play in the snow!

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  1. Sammy looked like he had a blast in the snow! when we lived in Montana, Koda loved the snow; he would hop around it like a bunny. He always loved going outside even when it was subzero weather. We did have to shovel out an area eventually when the snow got too high so he could take care of business without sinking too much

    enjoy the snow and Sammy :)