Monday, December 21, 2009

Backyard Adventure

Yesterday Sammy, Erik and I went to our friends, Sara, David, Izzy and Grant's house to celebrate Christmas a little. We will be leaving town tomorrow and won't return until late on Christmas day, so we wanted to spend some time with them before Christmas. They have a nice yard for Sammy and Grant to play in. Grant is a minature schnauzer about 2 months older than Sammy. Sammy also loves getting to see Izzy, Sara and David's 15 month-old daughter. He loves kids!
We took gifts and sent the dogs out to the yard while the gift opening was going on. Especially for Izzy, she has enough trouble standing while those two run around like crazy dogs. It made us really jealous of their yard, let me tell you! We still have some snow around and it was really funny to watch Sammy bulldoze right through as Grant hopped in his trail. Corgi's have two layers of fur, so Sammy wasn't feeling too much of the cold and wetness like Grant was. When they came in, Grant was shivering and shaking and dripping wet. It didn't slow him down. They have so much fun together. Poor little Sammy is so short compared to Grant that at times Grant just stood over him! Sammy didn't give up, he just pulled Grant down by his beard!!
Izzy likes Sammy as well. She would pet him (more like a pat on the head) and I swear Sammy's smile couldn't get any bigger.
Here's some pictures of their backyard adventures:

When we came home, Sammy was good and tired! We had to finish up with our Christmas gifts. This year we are making them, and I can't say what "them" is just so nothing gets leaked. I took this picture of Sammy on his tippy-paw trying to get a bone from the bottom of his toy box!


  1. Awww Sammy is so happy! Just like Sadie, loves that snow!! That last pic is so cute. He's like, what, mom???

  2. how fun Sammy has a friend to play with! it looks like they were having a blast running and playing in the snow! that is one thing I miss about living in Montana; seeing Koda enjoy playing in the snow.

    I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and safe travels