Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The One Day Bone

Sammy loves his rawhides. Just loves 'em. He has ever since his teething and we invested in rawhides. I love Petco for many reasons, one being their selection of rawhides. He has his favorites, of course, but I like to mix it up with him to keep him interested. Keeps him from getting bored. We went the Petco the other day and I found an awesome bone in the rawhide aisle.

It's pretty awesome. It is a braided rawhide in a ring where the ends are wrapped in flat rawhide to keep it shut.
We have gotten him big ones before, and it always amazes me how fast he can take 'em down. Many times, the package will say 'large dog' size. But I thought this one might be interesting to see how he decided to take it apart. If he would find the weakness right away, and go for it, or attack the braided strands.

He was very excited about his new bone!
This is the next day. Obviously it didn't take much to figure out.

He gets so intent on his bone. I don't know if anyone else gives their dogs bones/rawhides very often, but Sammy has had a steady flow of yummy rawhides. First they were awesome when he was teething, then it really helped his bordom over this long, cold winter we just had. Sammy really knows how to go at the bone. He gets at it in every angle, and just can't stop until he has figured out the puzzle! I like when he hold it down with his little paws, and pulls back on it! He just has the silliest look on his face!
He also gulped down 4 bowls of water yesterday, and another 2.5 so far today! Then he passes out. It just takes all the energy out of him.


  1. butterball loves his rawhides. he loves to pounce on them, growl, and bark at them.

    sammy is so cute :D i really want to get a candycane rawhide you had in previous posts (it looks so festive for christmas) :D hahahaha

  2. haha, that is why I stopped buying rawhides for Gibson. He eats them WAY too fast. No matter what size it was, if I looked away for 5 minutes, it was gone. It really scared me that he would get sick. Plus, I think they were what were making him super fat :)

  3. Sadie gets bones on occasion, but not rawhides. I'll get her pigs ears or something like that. The rawhides make her gums bleed, which freaks me out. It's probably because she eats them like a psycho haha. And she also gets VERY possessive and I don't like that either. So yeah, we avoid them at all costs. Only special occasions warrant them. BUT I do love how they hold the bones with their paws. It's so freaking cute!!!

  4. bailey loves his rawhides, and hes fast at eating them but safe too. he doesnt swallow whole pieces so its karen-approved. do you have a trader joes near where you live? they actually sell a variety pack of rawhides for like 6.99 a bag... really good deal! or target! target has big rawhides that come out to about 2.50 each.. every good deal! oh! and i like to give bbear the braided or knotted ones.. they last longer than the "retriever" rolls and we are staying away from the basted ones because they are so messy!