Saturday, May 29, 2010

Doggie Slide

We wanted to share a couple of our pictures from last weekend at Indian Cave State Park. As in our story we shared before, we were unable to take Sammy onto the trails, but we played on the playgroud. I have a couple pictures from the slide, but I also put him on my lap and we played on the swing and also we sat on the merry-go-round and spun ever so slightly. He really didn't like the merry-go-round!

For the slide however, the stairs we so steep, that I had to carry his 31 lbs up the almost ladder stairs! Oddly enough, he didn't act like it was weird at all. He just sat in my arms like there was nothing new about this, just off to a new adventure!

See how happy he is!! Sammy just had so much fun on the slide! He is probably a strange dog, but he loves slides! He enjoys them at the park next to us, but this was at least twice as tall! Has anyone else taken their corgi on a slide before? Does he/she also like slides?


  1. haha! I have never even thought of taking Gibson on a slide. Too funny! I'd love to see a video of that :)

  2. Very cute pictures...never tried the slide before. Bailey might like it, but she probably would want to do it by herself and hate being held...:-)