Thursday, May 6, 2010

...But I Love You

This week was finals week. Not very much fun for me. Even less fun for Sammy. I was home alot more, but whenever I was home I was studying. Not playing with him. We didn't go for any walks. And aside from one trip, no dog park (we usually go 3 times a week (we don't have a back yard for him to run in)). Sammy has pulled many study allnighters with me before, but not back to back to back. He was a little unhappy with our new schedule consisting of 4 hours a sleep a night. Before, Sammy wouldn't go to bed til I did, but he gave in this time. He went to bed with Erik a couple times. He still wanted to get up with me (5-6am depending on the day). Well, I shouldn't say wanted to. Sammy is not a morning dog. Just rolls away that early. But once I am up and moving, he goes to the edge of the bed and just whines to get down. Then he sticks to my legs. If I stop, he just falls down and starts to go back to sleep. If I get up, he struggles to his legs, and walks with his head dragging! He is just so sweet!
Sammy overall was very good about it all. But a couple times, he let me know how he really felt.

"Hi Mom! Let's play now!"

"Here Mom, study these. These are toys. Learn. Then, we can play!!"

This was my favorite. Sammy had been laying on my notebook, so I started working on my notecards. So, he just rolled on his back with his head on my lap! I have a witness that it was all him!! Haha.

"Hi. Can we play now? ...But I love you, Momma"

"Ok, time for bed!"

Then Sammy got to watch me with my notecards! And he could sense when I was getting proud of myself for doing well. He just had this supportive smile on his face!

"Good job Mom! We should get treat to celebrate! Is it time for bed?"


  1. Too cute...Bailey is the same. Whenever I got the books out, she would plop herself right on top of them.
    Congrats on being done...I have one more final left next Tuesday, and then I have all my time to devote to Bailey...:-)

  2. lol he is so cute. :) im glad finals are over!! wooo!! i am sure not missing that... hehehe

    yes. i feel bad when im at home, and doing something else (computer, clipping coupons, tv), and not playing with bailey. he so desreves the time. so i skipped my workout yesterday and took him to the dog park. hahah. bad for me, but i made a sacrifice for him.:)

    sammy is just so cuddly!! i just want to hug him. hug him for me! thanks!

  3. Awww so cute! I love how they do things to get our attention! Sadie does the stuff with her toys all the time. It's like helllloooooo don't forget about me!

  4. ssmmy is so cute :)

    my puppy butterball does this when im doing homework too, he'll lay on my book or whatever im writing on sometimes he tries to eat it.

    they are funny balls of fur :)

    i love you blog by the way!!!

    good luck on finals!