Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lessons While Jogging

#1. Mom is OUT OF SHAPE!!
Yes, I am the one who started this shinanagin. Not too long ago, as noted in a previous blog, Sammy was weighed. In order to do that, it required me to get on scale with him to find our total weight, then get back on the scale, just me, to subtract my weight. The problem is, now I know my weight. No longer can I assume something. Unfortunately it sticks in my mind every time I eat another bowl of ice cream or peice of cake or something else super yummy. This past weekend I ate alot of super yummys. So, I ended up getting onto a body mass index website to see whats really going on. I went to and calculated my BMI with age and all that stuff to find that I have a BMI of 24.2 and am in the 44th percentile for my age. I wasn't feeling too bad. Then I followed the link to the "ideal weight." I am 12 lbs off!! Ugh.
Many moons ago, I played soccer. Alot. Until middle school I played on a team that played every spring and every fall, so almost half my year was playing soccer. Once in middle school, I kept with that team and added my middle school's soccer team. Every Fall I played for 2 teams. Many back to back games, back to back practices, practice to game....etc. I loved it. In high school, I was too old for my childhood team so for my freshman year I played JV and Varsity simultaneously. My team had gotten together and started an indoor team, where we were able to play Fall into Winter, then Spring for our high school team. That continued through my Junior year. Unfortunately, my freshman year, I had a run-in with shin splints. It didn't stop me. It got much, much worse. Sophmore year I was in the doctors for MRIs. Still didn't stop me. My Junior year I was on pain meds and in the trainers office every day doing physical thearpy exercises. Every game I was in the trainers getting ice whirlpools. I was unable to play my senior year.
In college (the first 2 years I was at Iowa State), my freshman year I tried an intermural team. I was unable to deal with the pain. My sophomore year, I began going to the rec center and doing some strenghening exercises. After some time, I was able to do the elliptical with virtually no pain! Yay. After moving back home, I began jogging around the neighborhood. Still unable to run down hills, I was able to accomplish an overall run. Once I began seeing Erik, my exercise ethic has plumetted. Haha. I worked at Borders, and a 2 level Borders at that. So at work I was always running up and down the stairs, seriously, always. I was also part of the merch team where I unloaded boxes and moved boxes around, set up displays, lots of action. I called this my work-out. I no longer work there.
When I did this BMI, it said that peak body shape for women was 20-22. Monday, I turn 23. Between that and the 12 lbs from ideal weight, let me tell you, I wanted exercise like there was no tomorrow! But what made me think it would be that easy?
Sammy and I got up, checked our computer. He had his breakfast. I made Erik and I toast. I helped Erik put on this medicine for his back. Then he went to his doctors appointment. I went to my drawers pulled out my sweatpants, arch support socks, long sleeve shirt and we went for our first jog!
I am sooooo out of shape. Wow. Started off good. Feeling good. We made it through the park and up the first incline in the neighborhood. Then, my poor lungs and chest were telling me to stop...NOW! I have never had that feeling before, except when the temperature was near freezing. I thought I would be fine. We go for walks frequently, hikes and other stuff like that often, we run around in yards when we get the chance, and run around in the apartment! I didn't expect to be soo out of shape. Erik told me, "You're just getting old." Sammy looked at me all concerned. I think I have something to prove now!

#2 Sammy is NOT a good jogger
Maybe it's the herding part of corgis that made this so difficult, but Sammy was not good at jogging. When we would begin, he would wait for me to go, then he would also begin with this crazy happy look in his eyes! At first, he thought this was play time or something, because he wouldn't stick to a straight line, he would veer off in every direction. To emphasize his point of PLAY, he would jump up on my legs, like when we dance. I told him no, but he persisted a couple more steps when my knee and his jaw collided. Then he had his ephinany! Run on the sidewalk, or at least parallel. He would start behind me, but I'm apparently too slow and he would easily outpace me, tounge flopping in every direction. I greatly appreciated him looking me in the eye as to say, "I beat you! I may not be the fasted dog at the dogpark, but I'm the fastest one in the family!" Where my reply was a very snotty, "Congratulations!"
He then took to a better game. Literally herding me. From behind, Sammy would start at my left and then suddenly pop up on my right. Then he's back at my left. I have to say I feel sorry for cattle, sheep, and whatever else gets herded...not so much fun. At least he didn't try biting at me. Or even barking. Rather he just had the goofiest smile, with his tounge just flopping from side to side. Sammy also had a new style of running, very playful.
Then we started tag. When we walk, hike, any of that, he always stays to the front. He looks like royalty with his "people" following behind. He holds his head high and just smiles blissfully. (Except for the frequent sniffs, and now marking.) He seemed to feel as though this was the same concept. Afterall, we do take a lot of walks through the neighborhood. But that darn corgi herding instint would pull him to the rear. This would have made a wonderful video: Sammy stretched out completely on his leash running like those proper corgis in the AKC shows. Sammy looks back to something running..."must herd, must herd!" Sammy slows to nearly a crawl and is behind his mom. Keeping her forward running from the left, ooohh and now he bounds to the right all the while keeping eye contact. Now he's bolting to the front! His in the front looking as majestic as ever. Who is that behind, it's his mom. He must go back and encourage her running. He falls behind again.....etc.

#3 Don't run with bags

This is not even funny. How did I even forget this part of taking him out? Of course Sammy will have some business to do. As soon as he started to wiggle down, it just hit me like a pile of bricks. That definately ended my feeling of running. I know I do not want to run with a bag o'crap bouncing in one hand while I have spazo herder in the other! Ugh. Sammy & I are gonna hafta figure something out when it comes to this. Obviously he has to potty, but on this particular morning....once when he got up. Once before we left the complex (yay, dumpsters right there) and two more times on the actual jog! What the heck? Oh well, maybe evenings will be better than mornings. We shall try!


  1. Wow, we are in the same boat! I have been trying to loose weight and am 12 lbs from my 'ideal weight' as well. I used to be a huge athlete and then just got lazy. I've tried a lot of different workouts, and am now trying running again. I put it on hold during the winter, but now I need to get out there again. It definitely took time to train Gibson how to run. At first he was just like Sammy. But, he'll actually jog next to me now (and thinks it's fun!). Only problem is that he gets tired and wants to quit about halfway through :) I have to kind of drag him the rest of the way. OH, and I usually run in the evenings between his evening walk and his last potty of the night. He rarely ever has to go then, just mark everywhere :)

  2. i use to play soccer too until my knee started acting up and well my fitness just went downhill. i can now barely walk a threemile hike uphill. i miss sports because it made exercise so much more fun. poor butterball isnt muc of a walker yet, long distance anyways so i havent done it recedntly with my finals apporoaching. i do run around the house sometimes to get something and here comes butterball "oh running object must herd!" he starts rnning behind me darting back and forth and barking like mad.

    silly little herders
    keep up the good work i need to start being motivated!!!

  3. I tried running with Bender, we made it to the end of the street and he proceeded to lie down. So I gave up on the running with him and I've started taking Zumba class at the local Y. It's a lot of fun!

    I looked at the BMI calculator you posted. I'm in the 50th percentile, and 17lbs away from ideal weight. Yeesh. Looks like I have some work to do this summer!

  4. lol u are so funny. YES theres ust no way to continue running with full poop bags banging against your hands. hahhahha. bailey is a horrible runner too. he will latch on the leash and not let go, and he would outlast me, which is embarassing...

    bailey also has to be the leader on any hike. its really embarassing when your dog is pulling to go ahead, and you cant keep up!

    at the dog park, bailey loves to be chased. it is strange how the lil herders like that....... same with the keeping in front of hikes, etc. weird!!!!!

    have a great weekend!

  5. I'm on a mission to lose weight right now, too. I don't run, but I do walk fast haha. I have been taking Sadie on long walks, and doing the treadmill. I'm pretty sure Sadie wouldn't last very long if we ran outside though, because even with the walks she gets overheated and just lays down and refuses to move hahaha. But yes, carrying the poop bag for an extended period of time is not fun!!! I discovered that the hard way, too. And of course, Sadie does it at the beginning of the walk, so I have to carry it for most of the time we're out!