Friday, May 28, 2010

Make It Stop!

"My Momma says I'm pathetic. I disagree, I'm just hot! It's 90 degrees...AGAIN!! There is no where to hide, the heat follows me everywhere! Every couple minutes my heat makes my spot too warm and then I have to get up and repositon. My back seems best, but it takes too much work to keep up so I fall over on my side and I just can't figure out how it happens. I've been staring at her with my puppy-est eyes begging her to make it stop! But that's not pathetic, is it? Just look at these photos and tell my Mom she's crazy!!"

"PS. My mom says she can't make it stop, the heat will be with us for awhile, but if you happen to have the power, can you make it stop? I will love you forever!"

1 comment:

  1. awwww butterball hates the heat...he likes to sit on the cold tiles even during the winter...its not hot here yet the weather has be on and off 80 one day and 60 the next.

    i bet butterball wont be happy when the head arrives here either :(

    poor sammy!! your mommy will have to take you somewhere you can swim :)