Monday, May 17, 2010

Not MY Day?

Well today we are story-less. Today is my birthday so Sammy is having to do things my way!

Erik got me Friends, Season 1 and we stayed up til 3am watching it! Sammy was less than pleased to be off his scheudle, and NOT on HIS bed!

Since we stayed up so late, we slept in. Sammy didn't seem too unbothered by this. However we just laid in bed not wanting to get up, this annoyed him.

Sammy and I got Erik to go for a quick jog with us! He did like this part!

Erik & I went to lunch together, just the 2 of us. Sammy was unhappy to be left out!

When we got back we were too fat and happy to do anything, so we watched Friends some more. Sammy was a wee bit whiney.

Erik has his class tonight, and he needed a supply so we had to go to Target. He did not appreciate us going somewhere without him again.

I wanted us to take Sammy to the dogpark together because this cute little corgi only 6 months older than Sammy, with as much (ok, more) energy as Sammy is there every Monday evening. Unfortunately it's at the time that Erik is in class. So we went earlier. Sammy was very pleased, as he didn't know the differene. Plus he got to meet some really fun dogs and doggie parents. However, we could only stay for less than a half hour. Sammy looked miserable leaving.

I'm getting ready for dinner with my mom. Sammy can tell. He is giving me the stink eye.

AND....we haven't even had cake yet! Poor guy. It must be tramatic for him! Haha. I think Sammy knows it's a special day, and some how it MUST be tied to him. He probably thinks it's our day, me and him and Erik is to bear witness!

At least we got one picture today! Sorry, since it's my birthday, it's no make-up and no work hair day! Which goes just great with the cold, off and on rainy, no sun Monday! It accentuates my "Birthday Girl" tiara! ....But Sammy is super cute!

"It's me and mys Momma on our birfdays!"


  1. Happy birthday!!! And yay for watching Friends, my favorite show. I can quote it non-stop :)

  2. thank you all! sammy did enjoy some cake finally!

    laurie--i know, isnt friends the greatest!! they havent been able to make a great show since! i have the last 3 seasons, but i dont have any of the beginning ones, so we are going to start working on that! YAY