Saturday, May 15, 2010

I's Jus Like Mys Momma

Saturdays have become Samdays. All about what special thing could be in store for Sammy. Usually includes the dogpark. Either Sammy & I go with Erik or my mom. On Saturdays, especially, I like going with someone else, and it's the only day my mom can watch the amazing herding ADD Sammy in action at the dogpark! Sammy had slept the jog off...for a long time. He can sleep. So when it was nearing the time of the dogpark, he was spastic. Seriously, it was as though he knew he was supposed to be herding dauchsands! (He has a thing about the dauchsands, loves to herd them more than any other breed. Probably makes him feel big and bad.)
Back to the story....I played with him for a few minutes, but really had to get into the shower. While in the shower I could hear my little Sammy, well the whole building probably could have! He was FRAPPING. And when he made his lap to the bathroom he would run in and bark! We have a small bathroom, it just bounced off the walls like crazy. I'd pull back the curtain, and he would run back out, back to the Sammy circle. After getting out, he did what he usually does, lays on the bathroom rug and watches me get ready. But this time, not for long. It was too boring today. He had to get back to playing.
When I came back out to the living room I found many, many toys scattered through the living room. And the poor tug of war rope really didn't bode well. He tore individual stands out of it, so we have red and blue strands all over the living room giving it a really lived in, unclean appearance (which at this point it really was unclean).
Fortunately for Sammy, I didn't have time to fight him picking up the toys. I have to grab at least 2, but usually 3, toys at a time because it is inevitable that the one I pick up is REALLY the one he wanted. At least with three, I get 3 steps forward, one step back. Net gain of 2! My mom was on her way and I still had to get his water ready. We went to the dogpark, and he had a hoopla and a half. Then he had to come back home and nap while I ran an errand and went with my mom to a graduation party. After which, I came home, got Sammy and took Erik's lunch to him and we sat with him while he ate (I know, we are so sweet!)
Once I came back home, I took my shoes off at the door and I had an interesting realization. Exchange toys for shoes and Sammy is just as bad as me! Currently I have 4 pairs of shoes at one door, and 2 at the other door with my jogging shoes by the couch. (I have over 60 pairs of shoes. It's an addiction. Pretty sure it's genetic, and I got it from my inspiring grandma, Monie!) Sammy was up to 9 toys and 1 bone on the living room floor. Who is quite sure of what is in his clubhouse, at least one toy. And still his toy box appears full!

What, you don't like my decorating?

"But, I couldn't choose just one."

"I'm sooo cute!"

"Oooohhh....I like your shoes Momma. Where are your fancy ones?"

"I's still loves my foxy!!"

"Look, it's all full."

"I's jus like yous, Momma!"


  1. oh this is hilarious :) sammy is so cute!!!
    i can just imagine him thinking that. butterball loves daushounds as well. my boyfriend has two of them and i take them over his house and he just herd them and runs away from them because one of them growls at him. he loves it.

  2. Haha that's so cute!!! I don't buy bbear any stuffies anymore for fear of his adding a new layer to the carpet but he loves having his balls scattered all over the floor . His famous trick is to get a ball and puposely nose it under the couch and then look at me as if he were asking me "mahh, where'd it go" ?? I would like to think he knows I'm smarter than that but maybe it's just a game!!! Lol . I have shoes scattered at my entrance but I make it a WEEKLY chore to pick them up!!! Haha

  3. Karen (& Butterball)--I really don't know what it is about dauchsands, but I'm glad it isn't just Sammy! But he hasn't met one that would stand up to him yet! haha
    Karen (& Bailey)--I can't keep up with the stuffing of toys! I admit, it doesn't stop me, but I love getting the stuffingless ones! They are his favorite. Yet, he still needs to perform squeaker-ectomys. Sammy is all about losing a bone under the couch and making me get it out. Now I let him whine for a while, just so he really wants it. Or I pretend to take it out like I'm going to eat it. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't! But that is most definately a game we play quite frequently! I'm probably an enabler, 'cause I always get it out for him!

  4. Hahahaa this is exactly what my room looks like!! And Sadie totally gives me the evil eye when I try to put her toys away! They're so spoiled hahaa.

  5. hehe, just add in some shreded socks and a chewed hole in the rug and it could pass for my house LOL! Toby loves re-decorating too :P