Thursday, April 22, 2010

Walking the Kids

Over the winter, we met a few of our neighbors. We had a couple notable mentions. Aside from our 3rd floor best buddy, Stella, a jack russell terrier and her parents, we met a little girl who lives up one floor. We have quite a few kids in our apartment building, which I was somewhat surprised about. What is really nice is they all love running around and playing, like I would imagine if we had a house in a nice little family neighborhood. There are also quite a few dogs in the building. Sammy met Jasmine, our next door Bischon Frise-ish dog, right away. Right away he took to her, and she liked him til she realized how big he is! He has won her heart, slowly, and now they play a little bit here and there. Sammy also met 3 other dogs in the building before meeting Stella.
Stella is about a year older than Sammy, and they both have the same "Over the Hedge" dog temperment....."PLAY?!?!!?!" Both of them make liars out us mommys. We hype them up, talk about how well behaved and sweet, and smart they are. Then...once we are in public, WOOSH everything just flies through those big ears of his. Every word in the human language as well as every word in the corgi language translates to, "play" or a version of "love me!"
Stella's mom is very nice, and we enjoyed talking about our silly puppies. One day, we met our little girl neighbor. She was going to be starting a dogwalking business. All winter Stella's mom and I felt terrible for telling her no, but it was just too cold and slippery, etc. to begin dog walks. Spring came, and I knew she would be back at our door. I was just worried as could be about Sammy yanking her arm off. The first couple times she would happen to come right after we went to the dogpark or went for a walk or papa-sat or just about to leave. It gave me some easy outs. I guess I was hoping that she would phase out. Sammy loves kids, and lovs saying hi to her in the yard, but he just gets so ADD on walks! The beginning of spring especially, with all the new scents, sights, feelings, temperatures, all of it. New (to him) animals were my biggest fear. What if one of those darn squirrels came to tease him! Stella's mom was also worried because Stella has a little zing to her as well.
One day, I saw the little girl walking Stella. She was with her brother and all seemed great. I was the creepy neighbor watching from the corner of the window. I was just so darn curious. Stella is around 20 lbs, and Sammy is well nearer 26ish, although he seems to be slimming down. The next day Sammy and I ran into Stella and her mom and she sounded happy about the whole thing. That week, the little girl came to our door. I got brave and said for her to come back Thursday (as long as there is no rain) and we will walk with her to make sure she can handle it.
Thursday came, she came just as Erik was leaving for school. I had a test the next day and was overwhelmed with studying. Erik got super brave and told her to go ahead and give it a shot.
She and her brother were going to take Sammy to the park to meet their other friends. We are lucky to have a nice little park at the end of the parking lot of our apartment, not even any streets to cross. There is tennis courts, a swim pool, a jungle gym, baseball field and lots of little picnic areas around the green half. I have to say, I was a nervous wreck. I assume it is the same as when parents leave their baby home for the first time with a baby sitter. I paced a little. I peeked at the park a couple times. 45 minutes later, Sammy was dropped off by 7 kids! He was in Sammy heaven. He stolled right in got a drink and looked back like, "well, aren't my new friends coming in for for party?" Each one said goodbye to him and the little girl sounded like she had tons of fun. Sammy had the biggest corgi smile ever! Just glowing and ear to ear! And I was very happy for him.
We made plans for her to come back on Thursdays for now, until we have a summer schedule, and as long as it's not raining, she can take him for a walk. I know how happy it will make Sammy to get to play with kids once a week. It will probably be good for his independence and whatnot, too. But I gotta tell you, she is up to 4 dogs she takes for walks! I think all of them are weekly appointments, too. She has quite the little business. I wish I had thought of something like that when I was her age!
Well, today was week number two! She came by about 4:15 and they were going to the park, again. They came back about 5:45ish and it was so cute. He bounded in and was so happy to be back home, and energized! The little girl looked exhausted. She was gasping for air as Sammy was doing circles! Haha. Corgi energy til the end. I have a feeling he did most of the walking. I have a feeling the new walker bliss wore off, and he got a little comfy with her. Sammy has some kind of inner voice that tells him that it's a kid, elder, or puppy, and he needs to be gentler so I have every confindence he did alright. But, I bet he tested her a little bit today. About 10 minutes after she left, he curled up by the window and took a long happy nap. For the time he was gone, I felt a little lonely. It's so weird how much his little body fills the apartment. He has such a personality. I am sure happy for him, though! And having him come home to me is an interesting spin! Overall, it's been a pretty fun experience. I will have to update if he has any new fun experiences with his new friend!


  1. Bri that is sooo cool!! I would have been a nervous wreck, too.... Just thinking about it, I get kind of uncomfortable and fidgety! Hehe. But way to go for giving it a shot, and how awesome that it worked out! I bet the little girl is really proud to be walking him...she gets to show him off to all her friends and everything! I bet you make her day, too!

  2. You are braver than I am! :) I don't know that I'd be able to let someone who I wasn't extremely close to walk Gibson. It sounds like a pretty nice set up though! Glad it worked out for everyone :)