Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We have found the camera! Yay!! .......Except, it was left in Axtell. I'm glad we have located it, and I have not lost the photos. But, I really wanted to have them now to look at! Erik's birthday is in a week and a half, so his parents will be coming that Saturday. They will bring us the camera then. Ugh.
We do have my camera, which is a little bit older, not as nice of pictures, but at least we will still be able to capture the moments while the other camera is on leave.

Once we get the other camera back, I will post his birthday photos!


  1. woohoo!!!... haha. i am camera crazy.. i think i have a bazillion picture on flickr of bailey - are you like that too???

  2. Aren't you glad that is over with?! Nothing worse than losing something you need to have.

  3. oh man, i am so happy the camera is found! it's a nice camera and has those memories on it! maybe parting with it will get me to keep better track of it! haha.
    and karen, yeah i am way camera crazy. i don't have a flicker account, but i have TONS on my computer. i love just watching my screensaver because it's my photos on random!