Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Momma's Heart Attack!

Today was an ordinary day. Sammy was up to his usual antics where he was chasing the leaves through the window. Afterall, it is HIS job to catch the leaves! Even if the leaves are on the other side of the glass.

While I was sitting on the floor, working on my laptop, Sammy bounded over to me. With a RED SPOT on his white chest! Immediately my guard was up. I went over to the window to see this:

His little paw was bleeding. In fact it was into his little nail of his paw. I got the bleeding to stop. I pulled him into the bathroom and put a little antibacterial on it. Then I wrapped his little paw with some bandage wrap to keep it from starting again. He didn't even mind. After getting peanut butter ice cream, Sammy just went over to his window and laid down.

After just a couple of hours, he was all fine. Limped a little, but no bleeding or anything. Dogs are good little healers! Really, the worst part was thinking how it could have been very bad...but it wasn't! I guess Sammy was bound to get hurt before turning 1! Lol.
It is quite shocking to have your puppy come over to you bleeding. Everything happens fast, but at least it wasn't too bad. Alls well that ends well.


  1. Glad it all turned out well! Our Dozer was outside one day and ran around the corner of the house and came right back with a cut above his eye. We have no idea how he did that in 30 seconds or less. But he survived and we did too!


  2. what a trooper. good job with the bandage wrap! i love how you dress up your corgi too.

  3. Aww poor little guy!!! Glad he is ok! He looked so cute trying to catch the leaves! Hahaha.

  4. Aww did he hurt himself scratching the window? Poor guy. Glad it was nothing serious! :)